Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


17. That Madison Girl

I just hate to fight with him, it’s cause I love him so much. But he said that it was just sex, that it meant nothing. But if he took her number, and hung out with her every day, it’s something completely different. Was he in love with her and me at the same time?
I sighed and took out a high, pink skirt and a white top from my closet. I took a brown belt from my floor and put it over the skirt. I hope Louis can get me in a better mode.
I heard Louis horn outside and I took my bag and ran down the stairs, and then out to Louis car.

-What comes you wanna see me?
-Harry and I.. we’re not so good at the moment.
-Oh, okay. Can I ask you why?
-I’ll tell you on the beach.

He smiled and started to sing Who Let The Dogs out which was paying at the radio.
We pulled over into the beach and Louis picked up his bag from the back seat, I put my stuff down in the sand and changed to my bikini. Louis did the same.
I sat down on my towel beside Louis.

-So what happened?
-Harry slept with Madison. I said and looked down,
-What?! He did? He looked at me with a confused face
-They did spend a lot of time together but I never thought he’d do that!
-The thing is that I think he may have feelings for her, but he won’t tell me.
-I don’t, She was probably just a one night stand for him.
-That he hung out with all the time?
-_____, If you sleep with a girl, she expect that you’re a couple, she followed Harry everywhere. What should he do? She may had quitted if he’d have told her to stop and we shouldn’t have had enough girls for the video.
-You think that’s it?
-Trust me, I know Harry. He really loves you, even if he do stupid things sometimes I’m a hundred percent sure that he really loves you. He talks about you all the time, it’s kind of annoying actually. Louis started to laugh

-You think I should forgive him?
Louis nodded and gave me a hug.
-You’re such a great friend. I said and smiled
-I can drop you off at Harrys place if you want to.
I smiled and nodded, I guess I just overreached. And that Madison girl actually was very pretty.
We went back to the car and Louis was singing all the way to Harrys place. He really knew how to cheer me up, I laughed so much that I got cramp in my stomach.
-Thank you so much, Lou. You’re the best!
-Call me later and tell me what happened!

I nodded and stepped out of the car, he waved at me and the car drove away. I turned around and hoped that Harry wouldn’t be mad at me now. I looked up at his window and saw this girl standing with her back against me, was it Gemma? I squinted at the window and my mouth was wide open, No way! I picked up the magazine from this morning and compared the girl in the window with Madison, it was her!
Harry came against her and said something , she looked down and then she started to kiss him. Harry opened his eyes and he saw me, he pushed her away and disappeared away from the window.
The tears started to fall down my cheeks and I just stood there, so it was true, that he was in love with that Madison too.
The door opened and Harry was running against me, with tears in his eyes.

-Babe, please listen to me!
-I don’t wanna hear you say it!
-She just came over, I didn’t know that she would come! And I told her that ..
-Harry! Stop it! I’m tired of your explanations, I bet you’ve been lying for me all the time.
-I haven’t..
I looked up at Madison who was standing in the window watching us, she was grinning.
-I’m sorry babes, She kissed me.
-You are in love with her too, aren’t you?
He looked at me, just say no, Harry, please say no.
-That’s what I thought, good luck with her! I said quietly and started walking home.

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