Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


14. Sweden

Nothing felt good, I couldn’t come up with a single reason I have to live. As soon I got out people whispered behind my back and I’m the girl Harry Styles dumped, It has already gone 3 weeks and Harry haven’t called me or something like that, and not tweeted anything either. I’ve just been at home, starting to cry over anything that reminded me of Harry, almost everything did, the beach, subway , my house, myself.. 

I started to wonder about if he really loved me, that Olivia girl was probably right about him. I tried to convince myself that I just can get over him, but I know that I still love him more than everything else, he was the thing making me go up in the mornings with a smile on my face, excited every day.
I just couldn’t stand London anymore, everyone know who I am, not in a good way.
I woke up this Thursday and I noticed the clock was already 01.00 am , I didn’t have something to do anyway. I slowly went down to the kitchen in my bathrobe and sat down at the table with a cup of coffee. I’ve started drinking coffee lately, it’s making me feel more alert, at least a little.
My dad came in to the kitchen and gave me one of those hopeful faces .

-So how are my little angel today?

-Not that good, I’ll never be again. I looked down in my coffee and then I looked out of the window, like Harry would stand there, with roses in his hands and shout I’m sorry babes. But he didn’t, of course.

-Honey, It’ll be all right, everything will work out.

-No. Dad.. I’ve been thinking of.. something.

-What honey? He opened the milk and poured it in a glass.

-I wanna move back to Sweden, to mums.
He stopped and looked at me.

-Is this because of him?

-I can’t live here without been recognized, they’re talking behind my back, laughing. I’m being reminded all the time, I just can’t do it anymore, I have to get out of here.

-If that’s what you want, I mean it’s just temporary right?

- I don’t know, dad. But I can keep my stuff here, in case.

-Okay, I’ll book a flight, when do you wanna go?

-Like right now?
He looked at me with a disappointed face and then he went up to his office to call my mum and book that flight. I sighed, this was for the best.

I went up to my room and packed down my phone, my one piece, my Apple and my bikini in my green purse and then I went into dad’s office.

-When is there a flight?

-I’ve booked one that’s in an hour, are you ready?

I nodded, He got up from the chair and we walked together out to the car.
When we arrived at the airport dad gave me a hug and did a sad face.

-You sure you wanna do this?


-You can come back whenever you want, okay?

-I know.
I started to walk against the gate.

-I’ll call you! I said and waved at him.
I got on board of the plane and sat down on my seat, I almost directly fell asleep.

-Laides and gentlemen’s , we’ll be landing in a few minutes, thank you for flying with London airlines. Have a good day!
I shocked my head and looked out from the window, Sweden. I took my bag and got off the plane, and out of the airport. My mum where standing at the parking lot with her big jeep and a smile on her face. She gave me a big hug and put my bag in the tailgate, then I sat down in the front seat.

-I’m so glad you’re back honey!
I just nodded and tried to look excited, she thought I came back to live with her.
We drove in and I saw the house, A big grey house right by the water. I’ve so many memories from here.

After a week school started and everything went back to normal, before I moved to London. I wish I never had, I slowly walked the little gravel road from my house and started to wonder why Harry never called, or at least tried to talk to me. I picked up my phone and tweeted:

“Nice to be back in Sweden, and probably forget about this summer in London, tired of crying.”

Harry’s point of view
The tour was over, but all I could think of was ____. I just couldn’t call her and tell her I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say, how to explain myself. I just can’t picture my life without her, it truly is terrible. She’ll never forgive me now anyway, I’ve done something beyond stupid. I was just so alone and I didn’t thought of what I was doing when we were in L.A recording the music video. That Madison was just really easy to get and I just went for it, why did I do that?
I checked twitter and saw that ____ had tweeted. I looked at the screen, she had moved back to Sweden? A tear fell down my cheek, and I just wanted to rewind time.
I took a walk and stopped outside allisons house, then I knocked on the door.
John opened the door, he looked very angry.

-She’s in Sweden. Thanks to you.
I looked down at my feets. Cause of me?

-You know she cryied unstoppable for 3 weeks? Why did you do that to her?
I looked at him, but I just couldn’t explain. I wasn’t worth her, I shouldn’t have broke up.I still love her, I do.

____ Point Of View
I sat down on a bench outside school, Emma was running towards me. She hugged me for long and then she smiled.

-I’ve missed you so much, sweetie!

-I’ve missed you too.

-Are you and Harry? She looked at me


She gave me a hug and skipped asking why, that’s why she’s the best friend you can have. I’ve really missed her!
We went inside and into the first lesson that was maths, I sighed and tried to listen about what our teacher said. I looked down in my book and suddenly someone knocked at the door, I just kept counting .

-Excuse me? Who are you?


I looked up from my desk and saw someone with curly hair, wasn’t that .. yes, it was Harry.
He smiled at me and I got up from my seat and followed Harry outside.

-I’m so sorry.

-What are you doing here?

-I love you this much, okay? He pointed at himself

-Harry, I love you too.

He gave me a long hug and I breath in his smell.

-I have to tell you something, I wanna be honest with you.


-While we was in L.A , I met this girl and .. we had sex. It meant nothing, I didn’t know what I was doing.
I didn’t know what to say.

-I’m so sorry. Can’t we rewind?

- You did what?
He looked at me and a tear fell down his cheek.

-A kiss, okay! But sex ?!

-I know that, I’m sorry babes. I promise it’ll never, ever happen again.

-Okay, I’ll forgive you. But just because I love you so much.-He leaned in and gave me a light kiss.

-You’re moving back to London?

-If I can be your girlfriend forever.

-Well, pack your things.

I gave him a long kiss and soon we sat on the plane back to London together.

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