Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


7. Surfing

I woke up by Harry kissing me, I smiled and grabbed his neck. I gave him a slow and warm kiss and looked into his beyond beautiful green eyes. 

- Surfing time. He did that face I loved so much, a crocked smile and his eyes sparkling.

- I'll look like a fool out there.

- You won't, everyone will just be jealous of how extremely beautiful you are.

He smiled and gave me a light kiss on my lips, and then he got up of the bed to pack for the beach. I looked at him and I couldnt resist watching him take of his shirt, his abs were like , wow. He noticed I was looking so he gave me a big smile and kept on packing.
Later on we took the bus to the beach. It was crowded and I kept my fingers crossed that there wouldn't be any fans here, I just wanna spend this day with Harry.

We walked among the water until we came to a red little house, I think they call it a surf shop or something like that. A brawny,tanned guy smiled towards us when we came inside the door,and he intruduced himself as Dave.

- Are you Harry, and _____? You booked from 14.30 ?
Harry nodded and he put his arm around me.

- This is gonna be fun babes. He whispered in my ear

Dave dissapeared behind the counter and came back with a key in his hand, He winked at me and told us to follow him. He stopped in front of a big pine door and he locked it up, inside i could glimse diving suites.
The room was full of diving suites in different colors and patterns, mostly they was grey or black but there was pink,green,orange suites too.I looked at the suites and then Dave.

- You are not comepletely naked under those, are you?

He and Harry started laughing.

- I would like to see that. Harry smiled

- Me too. Dave winked at me

- You wish! I could see that Harry really didn't like that Dave already.

I looked around, and I took a black one with some white details on in size small.Harry was standing next to me holding a pink diving suit in his hands.

- You're gonna wear that? I started laughing

- Yeah that's kind of gay. I don't know were 
Dave come from but now he was standing between me and Harry, Harry looked at him with a angry look and then he picked a grey suite instead.

- Harry, don't care about him. I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and followed Dave into the next room that were full of surfing boards. 

Harry just muttered something and went into the other room.

- I think it's better if I pick your boards, it'll go faster.

Dave smiled at me and gave me a white and grey board. I put it under my arm and watched Dave take down a board with a pattern of half naked men on , I couldn't resist to giggle.
Harry looked at him with that you-can't-really-be-serious look and refused to take it.

- You think I'm gay ? Give me annother board!

- This is the only board for your .. weight.
Harry achieved the board and he slammed the door after him. When we got out of the shop I gave him a hug.

- Harry, don't let him ruin our day. Okay?
He nodded and gave me a kiss, and then he started laughing.

- I'm sorry babe, I hate to se other guys hitting on you.

- Im your girlfriend, not his.

We started to swim out on the sufing boards, we stopped when we got about 30 meters away from the beach.

- Okay there's a wave, you just go for it? I smiled confused

- I think so. I actually have no idea!
I started to paddle forward and when the wave was a meter away from me I got up from the board, I waved at Harry.

-I did it ! And then the wave hit me from behind and I fell off the board.
Harry pulled my up from the water and smiled at me.

- You okay?
I nodded and sat down on my board with my legs in the water. I gave harry a long kiss and he paddled out in the water to make a try himself. He stood up when the wave came and fell off, I couldn't see where he was anymore and I paddled closer to the beach. Then I could see him, he had went right into a old man who was screaming at him. I started to laugh a little and Harry came against me, with a little shame in his eyes.

- No more surfing! Let's go home cuddling, I'm much better in that. He winked at me
I started to laugh again and I couldnt stop this time.

- You collided with a old man! I wished I'd taped it !

After I had been laughing for a while we took the bus back to Harrys place, we were holding hands the whole time on the bus and as soon we get off it he gave me a long, passionate kiss.

I said hi to his mum Anne and then I followed him up to his room.

I laid down on his bed and he laid down besides me, he smiled and started kissing me. He had put his hand on my back and it were just getting lower and lower, he took his hand under my shirt and stroked my back.
I kissed him back and I was for the first time in my life feeling truly in love with someone, I looked at him, I still can't realize that the guy who's lying next to me really is Harry Styles. It just didn't make any sense anymore, It was just him and me.

- I love you so much babes.

- I love you too.

I smiled and the butterflies in my stomach wouldn't stop, I leaned in and gave him a long,warm kiss.

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