Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


28. Shopping

I couldn't stop thinking about my dad, i'm just so worried about him. He probably hate me right now. Well i want to think about something else now.. Harry kissed me softly and whispered "i love you wifey" I smiled at him
- wait, whaat?! niall said confused
- oh yeah, i proposed to ____
And he looked at me and did that beautiful smile of his
- congratz mate, zayn said

When we got out from the jacuzzi i went to the bathroom to shower and change clothes. When i just got out off the shower harry stood there and glared at me.
- Harry?!
He smiled and said that I forgot to lock the door. I just stood there trying to cover up my naked body, i didn't even had a towel. Harry smiled and startet to make out with me.
He started to get dressed and i went out to the livingroom. Louis and zayn was there and had computers in their laps.
- Hey guys, me and harry are going out to go shopping, anyone want to join us? i asked
Zayn looked at louis.
- We can go to the furniture store, louis said
- okey, well we can meet up afterwards. i said and smiled

Harry came out and he was ready to go. I took my bag and harry opened the door for me. When we had come to the center of London we headed straight to the clothes shops. When we were in Zara i saw that harry were in the womens title. He turned around and had this beautiful dress in his hands.
- You should try this on, he said and smiled
I took the dress and harrys hand. We walked to the dressingroom,I got in a booth and harry waited outside. I took of my clothes and putted the dress on.
- Can you pull up the zipper harry?
By him pulling the zipper up i could feel his soft warm hands on my back.

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