Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


11. Rose petals and candels

I woke up at six the next morning and I just couldn’t fall asleep again, so I went downstairs and turned the tv on. I zapped around and decided to watch one three hill at channel 5, I have never watched it before, but I remember Louis talking about it before so why not give it a shot? I went out to the kitchen and made a sandwich and a glass of juice, then I sat down in the couch and continued to watch. Suddenly the door bell ringed, I got up and slowly looked behind the curtain, I slowly backed as far away I could from the door, It was Liam. I didn’t want to talk to him, not right now.

-What do you want? I shouted through the door.
- ____, just let me in.

- I don’t want to talk to you, okay! Go away!

- Calm down, please open the door, ____.

I looked at the door, no way. I turned 
around and sat down in the couch again, I took a bite from my sandwich . What was he doing here anyway? Where he going to say that he’s sorry? I suddenly heard footsteps in the stairs and I turned around. It was Liam, I got up and backed .

-Liam? How did you get in here?

- The window was open and we really need to talk..

- Talk about what? That you ruined mine and Harrys relationship , and yours too?

-I’m really sorry, I’ve talked with harry. He thought it was okay, but he wanted me to apologize to you first. So, I’m really sorry ___, I really am.

- You know I can call the police, cause this clearly counts as burglary!
He looked down

-You do that, I probably deserve it anyway.
-Stop it! Okay? Just stop it, I forgive you. I just want everything to be as it was before, can we just rewind?

- Sure, thank you, that feels kinda good to hear.

He started smiling and gave me a quick hug.

-Now you have to leave, you can take the door now if you don’t prefer the window again?

- sorry, yeah probably.

He turned around and I could hear the door close after him. My phone started to call:

-Hey babe!

- Hi harry.

- I’ve a surprise for you, so just put on something nice and be ready in a hour, I’ll pick you up.

-Oh exciting, I’ll be ready then, love you bye.

-Love you too babes.

I hung up , I just got butterflies in my stomach of talking to him. I started to wonder what the surprise was and I put on a red dress with a jeans jacket over, and went down to the bathroom to fix the makeup. When a hour had gone I stepped out of my house the first thing I saw was a big black limo, and besides it, Harry stood. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off him, he were wearing a black suite and his eyes were sparkling even more than they use to. He slowly walked up to me and gave me a long kiss, so perfect that this just felt like a fairytale.

-You look absolutely amazing. Harry said

- You look beyond amazing.

He gave put his arm around me and opened the door as a gentleman when we got to the limo, inside there was a bar, and a tv , and everything. I want one of those.

-Wow, harry. You’ve paid for this ?

He nodded, and gave me another one of his perfect kisses. We were going out of London and I started to wonder where we were going, Harry put his hands infront of my eyes.

-Don’t look, okay?

I Followed him out and he was holding me from behind the same time he was lightly holding his hand in front of my eyes. He stopped and removed his hands, and whispered in my ear:

-You can look now babe.

I opened my eyes and saw we were on the beach, in front of us there was a small jetty, full of candles, roses and blankets. I looked at it and couldn’t believe my eyes.

-Harry, this is ..

-Too much?

- No! It’s absolutely amazing, you’ve done all of this by yourself?

-I got some help from the boys..

I took his hand in mine and we sat down on the jetty, it were rose petals everywhere and little bowles with strawberries, and different types of melted chocolate.

-I didn’t really know what you liked so..

-It’s perfect.

It was just so romantic, sitting there by the water with Harry. He took a strawberry and dipped it in the milk chocolate, he slowly put it in my mouth and started to laugh.

-You have some chocolate there, let me..
He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then one on my neck.

-Mmm.. tasty.

I started to laugh and he gave me a beyond perfect kiss, I was right, this must be a fairytale. Harry cleared his throath and then he looked at me.

-I just wanna tell you I love you. You’re so different to every single one of the girls I’ve been dating, It’s different with you. I don’t start to dislike you after a while,quite the opposite. I’ve been falling in love with you more and more for every single time I meet you. I could marry you right now, cause I’m sure that what we have is true love. I just love you so much, so so much baby.

I looked at him, he was so perfect. That was so romantic, I just can’t understand he just told me that.

-I’m not worried anymore, I trust and love you so much.
He smiled that cricked smile and gave me a light kiss , then he said:

-Family dinner next.

I looked at him, he really was the best boyfriend you can ever have, I just can’t understand why my dad can’t see how happy he makes me.

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