Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


1. Presentation

“Hi , my name’s ______ and I’m soon 16 . I live in Los Angeles, California with my dad who’s a film director , so he have many celebrities as friends, like Pixie Lott, Emma Watson, Cheryl Cole and Frankie Sandford, usally it’s singers. My mum and dad divorced when I was about 10 and she moved to Stockholm which have been her hometown since she was a little kid, My father got a new job in London, so now we moved from Los Angeles to London. We take many things. Just far enough to travel by plane and my father and bought a furnished house. There is still a week of classes and the end of this we will move.

I looked up from the screen of my computer, i hate writing these biographies, there’s no interesting about my life to write about. I clicked the page down and signed in to Twitter. I had one mention from my best friend Emma:
@______loves1D how’s London? met 1d yet ? xxx
I smiled and thought about that I actually have the chance to meet them here, maybe my dad know them. I wrote a short answer and turned off the computer. Everybody back in sweden knew about my super big crush on Harry Styles,it’s kind of cheesy to be in love with a guy there’s no chance at all you can get. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeths and remove my makeup, then I went to bed.
The next morning I saw a picture of a fan and Liam outside Subway, I actually recognized it, it was like 200 meters from my house! I put my clothes on quickly then I put some makeup on then I ran out of the door in hope of getting to see Harry.
Outside Subway I looked around , they were’nt there. I started to think about where they may had gone but couldn’t come up with something realistic. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me, i turned around and there was Louis and Liam standing talking to each other. I squinted at them to make sure it really was them, I slowly walked up to them and smiled.
-Hi ! Where’s Harry?
- Oh, hi! Always the same question about Harry, what about us then? Louis smiled and winked at me
- Sorry , it’s nice to meet you but I really wanna see Harry ! I started to laugh nervously
- He’s up there recording. Liam pointed at the second floor of the house.
- okay, can I take a picture with you then? I smiled
- Sure sweetie! Louis grabbed a random person of the street and asked him to take a photo of us together.
I smiled at the camera and Louis and Liam bent down and they kissed me on each cheek. I started to blush :
- What was that for?
- Well, you’re welcome! Louis laughed ironical
I smiled towars him
- I gotta go , so .. can i have a hug ? I looked down on my feets
- Ofcourse you can! Both of them said
I gave both of them a hug and said bye , then I turned around and started walking. I picked up my phone from my bag and called Emma.
- You won’t belive what just happened!
- Nooo what?
- I met Louis and Liam outside Subway! and the weird thing was that they were like.. normal. And I didn’t freak out as I thought I would.
- Oh I’m so jealous of you! But I’ll talk to you later, have to go! Bye sweetie!

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