Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


23. Im only safe in your arms

I tried to call Harry several times but he didn’t answer so I decided to go to bed and wait until he would call.
The next morning when I got up he still hadn’t called back, so I but on my uniform and took the bike to work. When I got there Jay had already opened the store.
-Hey sorry I’m late.
-It okay, it has only been one costumer so it’s cool.

It was a really busy day I only got a ten minutes break. But when we finally were about to close the shop I saw Harry coming down the street, and walked in to the shop.
-Hey, I have been trying to reach several of times. Why haven’t you picked up?
-I have been busy.
-Yes, we promoted our single at a radio station today it was the first time we played it.
-Oh I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you tell me?
-I don’t know you were too busy talking about Jay I guess.
-Oh, come on Harry are you still mad at me because I’m going to go and play paintball with him and his friends?
-So you are going?
-Of course I am why wouldn’t I?
-Because I don’t want you too, I had planned I date for us.
-Well how was I supposed to know when you didn’t tell me?
-Look never mind I didn’t come here to argue with you.
-Then what?
-I just wanted you to know that I don’t think you should hang out with him I have heard some really creepy stuff about him.
-Have do you know when you don’t even know him.
-No but Louis do he just to hang out with him and some other guys but then they ditch him because when his girlfriend broke up with him he got weird and creepy.
-Well you don’t know that for sure and I think he is really nice and I can hang out with how ever I want.
-Fine but don’t expect me to sit around waiting while you do.
-Seriously? Are you going to be like this now?
-You know what do what the fuck you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And then he walked away. I didn’t understand how this could be such s huge fight. Harry is hanging out with his friends and girls I mean take Madison for example, he did a much worse thing I haven’t even done anything wrong. But I didn’t want to fight with him so maybe I shouldn’t hang out with Jay tonight. I told Jay that I didn’t feel so good and that I should just go home. We decided to do it another time. When I got home I called Harry but he didn’t answer so I send him a text ‘’I didn’t go don’t want to be in a fight with you please call and I love you ♥’’. I turn on the tv and one tree hill was one so I watched one episode and then I got a text back saying ‘’ I didn’t mean everything I said of course you should have friends but I have heard some creepy stuff about him and I am just trying to look after my girl and I love you more ♥ ♥’’. I smiled while reading the text and it was a relieved that we weren’t fighting anymore. I got another text saying ‘’ come over to my house I’m alone ;) /Harry’’. I texted back ‘’I’ll be there in fifteen minutes’’. I put on some jeans shorts and a T-shirt and put a toothbrush in bag in case I decided to sleepover. On the way to Harry’s I went pass a group of guys and when I had passed them I heard a voice I recognized,

-I thought you were sick?
-Jey? Hey, hmm … I was but I got I little bit better and I didn’t know if you still were out so…..
-That’s a lame excuse. If you didn’t want to hang out you could just have said so.
-No I did but…
-But your boyfriend said no and you are his bitch and do whatever he tells you to?
He got closer to me and grabbed my arm really hard.
-Let go of me you’re hurting me. Let go your weirdo.
He slapped me in the face and screamed,
-No one calls me weirdo, do you get that?
-Okay, okay I’m sorry please let go of me it really hurts.

He let go of me and I ran away as quickly as I could. When I came to Harry’s house I couldn’t breath I fell down to the floor shaking. Harry came running down the stairs in asked me what had happened. He held me in his arms and I told him everything and the when the shock was over I started to cry.
-I am going to kill that idiot!
-No please don’t leave me here alone.
-No of course not but tomorrow I’ll take care of him.
-Can we just go to bed I just need you to hold me so I’ll stop shaking.
-Sure come here.

He carried me up to his room where he laid me down on the bed and helped me change close. Then I took off his and laid down beside me in the bed. He kissed me and told me that he loved me and that I was safe here with him. After a few minutes I fell asleep on his worm chest were I could really feel safe.

I woke up the next day with a big black eye. I took some concealer over to hide it, and it lucky enough it worked. I put on my jeans shorts and a striped tank top, then I woke Harry up.
-Good morning beautiful. I said and kissed him.
-Hi baby, you going to work?
-Yeah, but don’t worry...
-If he does something.. I’ll seriously kill him.
-He won’t.
-Just saying, call me if so.

He kissed me and told me that he didn’t want me to go, that Jay will hit me again. Actually I am kind of scared what he’ll do but I need money .I kissed him a last time and then I walked to Subway, no one was standing as cashier so I went in behind the desk, and into the toilet to change to the working uniform. I pulled up my shirt and put it down in my bag, I just got this strange feeling that someone were watching me from behind. I slowly watched over my shoulder and I could see Jay standing there with a grin on his face.

-Go away! I screamed and put my top back on again
He closed the door after him and I looked at him with a frightened face, what was he doing? He smiled and then he hit me in the head with his fist, everything became black and I felled down on the floor. After a while I slowly woke up and I slowly put my hand in my bag and texted “HELP” and sent it to Harry. Jay was lying on top of me and he kissed my lips, I spat in his face and tried to get loose.

-You little fucking whore! He said and hit me again, my cheek burned and I passed out .

I woke up of him kissing me and touching my boobs, I started to scream and he grinned at me.

-Let’s get down to business. He said with his creepy voice and I started crying.

He took off his pants and made a hickey on my neck, I tried to hit him, but he held my arms too hard.
Suddenly the door opened and Harry draggeg Jay out and put him up against the wall. Then he hit him so his hand got bloody, Harry left him laying on the ground and sat down beside me.
-Are you okay?
-He just kissed me and.. he was about to.. I started crying and Harry pulled me in for a hug, and then he stroked my cheek and kissed my lips.

Jay got up and ran away, Harry tried to run after but he was already gone. I took my bag and Harry walked me home.
-What babes?
-Can you stay here tonight, I’m scared he’ll come back.
-Anything just to keep you safe, he won’t touch you ever again, I’ll make sure of that.
He put his arm around me and we walked in, Dad was on a business trip and it felt kind of nice to not have to explain everything. 

Harry went to the bathroom to wash away the blood from his hands, and I got ready for bed. He came in again all naked, I had get used to that by now, that he sleeps naked.
I kissed him goodnight and we fell asleep holding hands.

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