Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


24. I"ll come after you

I woke up the next morning and Harry was holding his arms around me, I just feel so secure in his arms. I kissed his perfect face and he woke up, he smiled and kissed me back.

We laid in the bed for a while just talking, but even though I felt secure there I’d never go out by myself again, that Jay will definitely hurt me, and Harry.

-Can you stay here for a couple of days, I don’t wanna be alone.
-Of course honey, we have a week off this week .
-I love you, you know that?
-I love you more baby.
He kissed my under lip and smiled. He went up from the bed and I remembered that he was naked, I went up to and gave him a hug. I kissed him and we started to make out, he pushed my down on my bed and pulled off my shorts. I kissed him and took off my t-shirt, then my bra.
He laid on top of me and gave me a kiss, then we had sex.

I kissed him and then I started to get dressed and I went down to make some breakfast, suddenly I heard a hard knock on the door. I froze and quietly I went up the stairs, I looked down from my window and saw Jay standing there with a baseball bat and a knife in his hands.
-Harry! I whispered
Harry came to the window and looked, he said shit quietly and pointed at the window.
-Let’s take the window way and we run through the park to Louis?
-I’m scared, Harry, he have a knife.

We heard a boom and I guessed that he had kicked in the door, Harry gave me his phone and we climbed out of the window. Harry whispred 1,2,3 and then we ran so fast we could through the park and jumped into a taxi and screamed at him.

The driver pulled out and as I could see Jay did’nt see us. Harry said Louis address and then he held me, I shaked so much and I started crying.
I typed the police number on my phone but I cried so much I couldn’t talk so Harry took the phone and talked to them.
-They’ll take him, it’ll be okay. He whispered and kissed my head
The driver dropped us off and we ran into Louis house, his mum gave us a weird look when we locked the door after us.
-Where is Louis? Harry
-Upstairs, is everything okay?
-If anyone knocks on the door, run! Okay? 

He said and she looked at him with a confused face
-erm.. okay.
We went upstairs and Louis was sitting in his room,.
-Hey guys! What are you doing here?
-You have to listen..
-What’ve happened?
-A crazy guy that’s trying to kill us, he was outside her house .
-Oh shit, stay here then. Have you called the police?
-Yeah, hope they kill that guy, he’s crazy.
I sat down on the bed and Louis gave me a light hug.
-Let’s do something funny, watch a movie?
I nodded and Harry hold my hand.

He took up “Wild Child” and showed it to me.
-I love that movie! I said and laughed
-All girls do, trust me. He said and put it in the dvd player.
I laid down between Louis and Harry in the bed and we started to watch the movie, it actually made me forget that a crazy guy is out there trying to find me and kill me.

Harrys phone started to call and he answered.
-Did you?
-Oh, that feels so great, you gonna let him out?
-For how long?
-Okay, thank you so much, call if it is something.
I looked at Harry with a courius face.
-He was already in the register for murder, raping, robber and some drug things, so he’ll get jail in four years.
-I’m relieved, thank you harry.

I kissed his cheek and when we had watched the movie we said bye to Louis and we started walking home, I stepped over the door which was lying destroyed on the floor. I looked around, everyting was lying on the floor, broken. The tv was burning and I started to cry, my home was destroyed.
Harry took water and poured it over the tv and looked around, the furniture was broken and it was broken glass and everything looked like a mess.
We went upstairs and I started crying even more,the mirror in the bathroom was almost broken and he had written “WHORE” on it, the shower was all broken to. I didn’t want to go into my room, but I had to. My bed were lying upside down and it said whore all over my walls. It were glass all over the floor and there was a note on my bed. I picked it up and read it:

“This is not over, I’m coming back for you”

I started crying even more and Harry held me.
-I’ll always be here for you, I’ll help you call your dad.
He took up his phone and put his arm around me, I took the phone and typed my dad’s number.
-Hi dad..I started crying
-What’s wrong honey?
-This guy was trying to kill me and Harry, he’ve destroyed our whole house.
-It doesn’t matter, are you okay?
-Yes, Harry was here and we jumped out of the window.
-Tell him to stay with you til I’m coming home, I’m coming right away.
-I love you dad
-I love you too honey.

A tear fell down my cheek and Harry kissed me, then we went downstairs and sat down outside the house.
I saw a gang coming against the house, wasn't that Jay's friends? They hade knifes in their hands, "this is not over" i thought of the note, of course. I looked at harry with a scared face.

Run!! I said, we started to run and so did them.
-How are this peoples?
-They are Jay friends, so keep running!

Harry took up his phone and called the police they said they were on their way. But when Harry put his phone down in his pocket he tripped and fell to the ground.
-Harry come on get up!
-Go run and don’t stop!

I didn’t want to leave him but I did as he said some of the guys followed me and some stopped at Harry. I ran and ran, and I was so revealed when I heard the police siren. All the guys got scared and split up. I run to the coop and fell to the ground because I was so exhausted. I tried to tell him about Harry but he said they had already send him to the hospital.
-What hospital is he hurt?
-Yes he got some really hard punches in the face, but luckily we got there in time but before they run away they stuck a knife in his stomach so he may have a injure bleeding.
-Can you take me there know?
-Yes of course get in the car.

I got in the car and I was in shock I called Louis and told him what had happened and he said he would call the other lads and then he would come to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital I asked for Harry but they told me he was in surgery. I started to cry. I sat down on the floor and just cried and cried. After about ten minutes Louis and the other came to the hospital.

-How is he? Is he going to be okay?
-I don’t know they have just told me that he is in surgery.
-What happened?
-We got back to the house and then this gang came, they were Jay’s friends. I don’t know if the police caught anybody they all ran away when they heard the police.
-But are you okay?
-I’m fine I just want to see Harry.

After waiting a few hours the doctor came out and said that he had a really bad injury but he is going to be okay and that we just haft to wait until he wakes up. When I went in to the room I started to cry, I felt so bad for running away. He was laying there in a deep sleep. I told his mom that she could go home for the night because I wanted to stay here with him like he did with me when I was at the hospital. I lied down beside him and slept there all night. I woke up the next morning by someone whispering my name.

-Harry are you awake?
-Hey babe.
-How are you feeling?
-Terrible my stomach hurts.
-I am so sorry I never should have left you can you forgive me?
- Of course, I told you to run. It was better that they got me than you.
-Well the good news is they got almost all of them.
-That’s good. Come here give me a kiss.

I gave him a long kiss and then I went to tell the nurse that he was awake. He had to stay at the hospital for a week and me and all the other lads went to see him every day.
The day he got home we watch movies at his house. He was still in a lot of pain, I could tell even though he wouldn’t admit it. The next few days we didn’t do anything we just watched movies. But when it had gone a week he had to go away for a week because they were going to do some interviews and promote the single. But my dad was going away on a business trip and I didn’t want to be alone so I decided to fly home to Sweden to visit my mom. On the day they left I went to say good bye he hugged me for a long time and told me he loved me, I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him too. That afternoon my dad dropped me off at the airport. I was sleeping the whole way. When I saw my mom I got really happy cause I had missed her so much and I hadn’t talked to her so much sense Harry got injured. It was nice to be back in Sweden. I meet up with some couples friends and I told them everything about London and we did go to the cinemas and a bunch of parties. I had a really good time right now.

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