Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


25. Home sweet Home

I sat on the flight home to London, Harry was sitting in a wheelchair cause he couldn't move the upper part of his stomach, I just felt so sorry for him, I thought he was dead when I saw him lying on the ground. 
He barely couldn't meet fans, but he felt better now and they will remove the bandage today, but he will have a scar there for the rest of his life, Harry didn't seemed bothered when the nurse told him that.
-Now you have a prove how much I really love you. He just said

I have had a great time in sweden but I miss Harry so much, while I was in sweden dad hired a team that re-builded the house and put new furniture in it. So when I come home everything will be as it supposed to be.
As soon the plane landed and called Harry.
-I miss you so much, how are you?
-I'm okay. He sounded like he had a lot of pain, I couldn't stop myself and I started crying
-This is my fault
-No shh, honey, it's not.
We talked a little longer and when we hunged up I jumped into a taxi and told the driver the address of the hospital.
When I saw Harry sitting in his wheelchair outiside I couldn't pull myself toghether anymore, I ran towards him and tears fell down my cheeks. He started to smile but I could see he was exhausted.
-Harry! I sat down on the ground and gave him a long kiss, he kissed me back.
-I've missed you babe. He kissed my head and held me tight

He stood up and he actually could walk, I felt so sorry for him. We sat down waiting for the doctor and I kissed his lips, "I love you" I whispered in his ear and he took my hand.
I just closed my eyes when the doctor took off the bandage, Harry was screaming. I looked at his belly, it was smaller theb I'd thought but it was still there.
-The pain will probably be gone in a week, it have healed very good.
He showed how big the scar probably will be and it was maybe a little bit smaller than a inch, Harry looked relieved.
Harry and I walked to his place and I should stay there for a week until my dad comes home, and I actually wanted to , to make sure that he's okay.
We laid down on his bed and he gave me a kiss on my nose.
-I love you.
-I love you more babes. He said and winked

We laid there almost the whole day talking, I just felt like it was my fault and that I should be there for him when he's feeling bad.
I had bought that show from MTV with Frankie Stratford, I showed him the case and he laughed.
-You're hotter, Can I please watch you instead?
He looked at my face and kissed me softly.

I kissed Harrys lips again,I’ve missed them so much, I’ve missed whole him. He felt much better now, that was at least what he said, he was joking and flirting like he use to so everything is like it should be.
-I’ve planned a date, babe. Harry said and winked at me
-Oh, really? Where?
-Won’t tell ya, you’ll see.
He kissed my lips and started to get dressed, I already had my clothes on so I signed into twitter on his laptop. I looked at my mentions and it was full of tweets about what had happened with Harry, no one told the fans. I decided to write a answer:

“Everyone, Harry is okay now. He got stabbed in the stomach for a month ago of some crazy gang, I was with him, he fell.. I started crying and I clicked on tweet , Harry came up behind me and hugged me.
-What’s wrong babes?
-I was just thinking of.. I feel like it’s my fault!
-It’s not, it’s really not your fault baby. You couldn’t have done everything else, if you’d stopped you’d probably be dead by now, It’s not your fault. If there’s anyone to blame it’s that Jay.
Harry held me and I stopped crying.
-Let’s get this date going now. He took my hand and we went outside to the taxi that was standing there waiting for us.

The taxi pulled over outside a high building in the center of London , I looked at Harry with a confused face and he dragged me out of the car.
When we came inside I saw it was a hotel, aw had he rented a suite for us? I thought and we went into the elevator, he pushed button 30, the last floor?
We stepped out of the elevator and we were on a roof, you could see all over London from here and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It were pillows,blankets and candles on the floor and there also was a guitar – could this be even more romantic?
-Harry, this is fantastic! I said and kissed him
-Anything for you.
We sat down and I looked out over London, the sun was about to go down and it was just so beautiful, with all of the lights from windows and stores.
-So you’ve heard our single?
-No ! But I wanna hear it! I said and I had completely forgot about that
He grabbed his guitar and started playing, he looked up and made that cricked smile.

“You’re insecure, I don’t know what for. You’re turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. Don’t need makeup, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enough, everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you.”
“Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way you flip your hair makes me overwhelmed.But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you don’t know oh-oh. You don’t know you’re beautiful, if only you saw what I can see you’ll understand why I want you so desperately.”

He kept singing, I couldn’t stop myself smiling, he really was perfect, and we are perfect.
I kissed him, he stopped playing and slowly he put his hand on my neck and answered my kiss with one of those perfect kisses we haven’t had lately.
-You liked the song? You better do, cause it’s about you.
-All about you. He said and put his arm around me, I kissed him and the butterflies in my stomach came back again.
We watched the sunset together and it was the best date we’ve had , it’ll be hard to beat that.
I leaned in to kiss him when his phone started to call.
-Yeah hello?
-I’ll ask _____ okay?
-Yes, okay bye sweetcheeks, I love you . He said a little frivolous.
I started laughing and kissed him again.
-The boys wanted to have a game-night at my place, is it okay with you?
-Yeah, that’ll be fun! I haven’t played games in ages!
-Let’s go then.
He said and took my hand, then we took a taxi back to Harry’s place, Everyone was already there, and there was like 20 different games on the living room table.
I sat down beside Zayn in the couch and Harry sat down in a chair beside me.
-hi , Zayn! I said and gave him a hug
-So…What game? Niall, pick one!

Niall looked at the different cartons, I took one in my hands, it said “guess the boobs”.
-What is this? I said and laughed
-That’s funny! Louis said for defence
Niall took the carton from my hands and smiled at the picture.
-This one! He said and showed everyone the “guess the boobs” game.
He opened it and put out the game plan and some cards.
-Pick a color! Zayn said and picked the red playing piece, I took the blue one and Niall looked at me with a angry face.
-I want the blue..
-You can start. Zayn said and smiled
Niall hit the dice and got a four, he went four steps on the plan and came to a box where it said:
“Guess the boob”
He picked up a card with a picture with some topless girl, Niall looked at the picture.
-Easy, it’s Kelly Rowland, I can recognize her nipples! Niall said and laughed
He turned the card around to to look at the answer.
-I had right! He said proudly and gave the dice to Louis
Louis hit it and got a three , he picked a card and also he guess right.
-How many times have you been playing this, seriously? I said
-It’s fuuuuun ____! Zany said and laughed

I got up and sat down in harry’s lap, and I closed my eyes.
-Yes, I won! Louis screamed
-Let’s play truth or dare. Niall said
-Suure, but no one is kissing _____ except me! Harry said
-I wanna start! Liam said and looked at me
-Truth or dare, Zayn!
-Dare.. it think.
-Okay.. ermm.. kiss Louis!
I started to laugh, they’re all so immature that it’s funny.
Zayn leaned over the table and gave Louis a quick kiss, then he started to blush and then he sat down in the couch. I laughed at them and Zayn looked at Liam, then he started to laugh.
-Truth or Dare Liam?
-Who of us boys is hottest?
-Erm.. I can’t answer that. Liam said and sighed
-You have to! Niall said
-Okay, then you Zayn.
-Oh vas happenin' I’m hot! Zayn said and laughed

They continued like that the whole night and I fell asleep sitting in Harrys lap and leaning my head to his chest, I was right, now everything is like it should be.

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