Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


21. Helicopters

We decided to watch Transformers, Louis had started to like Megan fox lately.

-Who doesn’t? I said unsurprised
-I don’t , I like you instead. Harry said and winked

When we had watched the movie Louis went out to the other boys, and I sat down on the bed besides Harry.

-So where are we gonna go?
-I’d like to stay here and.. you know. He smiled that naughty smile
-Harry, let’s do something else, is there a private beach here somewhere?
-We can ask in the reception downstairs.

I packed down my bikini and a towel in my bag and we went downstairs.
Harry told me to stay and that he should talk to them, and after a while he came back.

-I’ve a surprise for you babe.
-Let’s see.

He said and pulled my arm and kissed me.
We arrived at a place with helicopters, I just looked at Harry with a open mouth.

-Are we flying helicopter?
-To our private beach. He said and put his arm around me.

We got on the helicopter and we got this big headphones with mikes so we could talk with each other, and then we started to go up.
-Oh my good! I said and hold Harrys hand
We flied far,far away and landed on the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen. The water was so blue, the sand and the palms, it just took my breath.
We walked down the beach hand in hands and dropped our things, Harry lifted me up and started to kiss me, then he laid me down in the waters edge with all my clothes on and kept kissing me. It was just so romantic, I kissed him softly and whispered in his ear.
-I’ll make that up to you.

I took off my dress so I just wore panties and a bra, and he laid down in top of me and we started to make out. He put his arms around my body and I gave him a soft,playfull kiss.
I sat up and we were sitting there looking into each others eyes, his green was so beautiful, I kissed him again and hold my hand in his hair .
When we got back to the hotel we went into our hotel room and changed, then we called the other guys to see what they’ve been up to.

They didn’t answer our calls so we went down to the beach snorkeling, I jumped into the water and looked at the fishes, and suddenly someone hugged me from behind, I suspected it to be Harry so I hugged back , when I looked back to kiss him I just saw a big hairy belly.
The man pulled me away from the water and I screamed, where is Harry? He was right behind me! I kept screaming but the man just dragged me into a bush and held my arms really hard. I tried to get loose but it was impossible, he was to strong. He took of my bikini pants and I started to panic, am I gonna be raped? I screamed so high I could “help” and “harry” but no one noticed. The man started to undress himself, he was drowling. I started crying and hit him, but he wouldn’t stop. Now he only had his boxers on and he smiled a creepy smile against me, I screamed again, I can’t believe this is happening to me, I’m just so scared.

I screamed Harrys name again but nothing happened, the man grinned at me and laid on top of me. Then I heard a bang and then he was lying besides me bleeding from his head. I squinted and I could see that it’s Harry, he was holding a baseball bat in his hand.
He pulled me up and he started to cry.
-I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.
-Did he do it to you?

I shocked my head, and looked at Harry. He pulled me in for a long hug and behind us the cops hand coped the man and took him to the car. I just was so shocked, and so scared.
-It’ll be okay baby, I’m sorry. He gave me a light kiss on my lips
-Now it’s my time to make that up to you. He said and winked 
-Are you okay babe?
-Just very shocked and scared.
-I’ll never leave you like that again, ok?
I nodded and he held my hand, I was still shaking. I didn’t want it to ruin our holiday here, even though I’m still scared.

We went up to the hotel room and Harry told the other boys what’ve happened.
-Oh my god! What happened? Louis said
-I hit him in the head with a baseball bat, I hope he’s dead. Harry said and gave me a hug
-But nothing happened.. I mean, like.. Liam said and looked at me
-No, he didn’t got time to . I said
-How lucky, but how are you feeling ____? Zayn said and sat down beside me
-I’m okay, just a little shaken.
-I understand that. Zayn said
It was already 19.00 pm and I just wanted to do something to forget about what happened.
-We can take a walk and see where we’ll end up. 

Louis suggested and everyone thought that it were an good idea.
I put on a jacket over my beige dress and then all of us took the elevator down to the lobby and then we just walked around in the city. Louis stopped outside a nightclub, you could hear they were playing that “grab someone sexy tell them hey” song inside and Harry grabbed my arm.
-Harry, you should grab me! Louis said and started to air hump.
We laughed at him and I kissed Harry.
-HE’S MINE! I said and imitated Louis when he and Harry fighted about Nathalie Portman.
He screamed and then he started to laugh and gave me a hug,
-So are we gonna go in or what? Zayn said and nodded at the night club
-We’re not old enough.. I said and looked at Harry
-They’re letting you in if you’re flirting with the guard, I promise.
-No way! I said and laughed
-They will, this will be fun! Come on _____! Louis said
-Do they have food in there? Niall said
-Yeah, they probably do. Liam said and sighed
-_____ please please please! I’m starving!
-I can’t flirt, how to?
-Just wink or something, and say that we’re with you. Harry said and looked at me
We went to the line and when I came to the security guard I looked at him and smiled.
-I just love your hair, it’s so..
I was gonna say greasy, but I continued.
-Sexy. I said and winked at him
He brightened up and smiled towards me, then he whispered.
-You can go in sweetheart, take your friend with you.
I smiled and gave him a light,quick kiss on his cheek to show my appreciation. As soon I got inside the doors I spat on the floor, I got a gross taste in my mouth.
The boys gave me a hug and said something like “WAY _____”. And then they went inside, Harry took my hand and we stepped into the club. It were full of people and everyone was dancing like crazy to Pitbull’s song Give me everything.

Harry took my hand and dragged me out on the dance floor, we started dancing and it was the funniest thing ever. After a while we sat down in the bar, Harry ordered a martini and a tequila sunrise for me.
-Don’t drink more than just that one okay?
I laughed at him, and drunk up the glass right away. I ordered a vodka drink and then a couple more, I didn’t knew how many drinks I had but I felt very happy. I leaned in and kissed Harry, then I dragged him out on the dance floor and started to dance wildly.

I kissed him and smiled, then I sreamed something like “WOHOOOO PATYY”!
-You’re drunk, babes. Harry said and looked at me with a serious face
-I know Harry,I’m drunkelidrunk, cool down! Come on and dance with me! I grabbed his t-shirt and started moving to the music.
All of the boys had to carry me home because I couldn’t walk properly, I just felt awesome, like I was jumping on pink clouds.
-I’m a unicooooorn! I heard myself scream and Harry started laughing at me
The clock was about 03.00 when we came to the hotel and we had to be quiet so we wouldn’t wake somebody up, I rested my eyes in the elevator and fell asleep standing.
I woke up the next day with a terrible headache and I nearly didn’t remember anything but that I took to many shots with a old man. I remembered that Harry told me not to, but it actually was a lot of fun. Louis was drunk too, he got a chick too, a stripper.
-Morning, how are you feeling babe?
-Headache. I said and sighed

Harry laid down beside me and gave me a long kiss.
-I told you to not drink.
-It was fun!
-You we’re fun, babes. Harry said and started to laugh
-Louis couldn’t get rid of that stripper last night, she’s sitting downstairs waiting for him. Harry said and laughed a little
-What did he do with her?
-He was drunk too, and he took off his shirt and , kind of stripped with her.

I started to laugh so much that I couldn’t breath anymore.
-And she was like 40, he must feel kind of embarrassed.
-40?! I said and imagined Louis stripping with a 40-year old woman. I started to laugh even more and the door opened and Louis,Zayn and Niall came in.
Louis looked at me and then he pulled up his shirt.
-Look what she did!

She had painted a big, dick on Louis belly. Everyone started to laugh even more.
-Let’s get rid of that stripper, then. Liam said and sighed again, everyone started to laugh and we took the elevator down to the lobby.


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