Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


12. family Dinner

Harry took my hand and we walked together back to the limo, I picked up my phone and called my dad.


-Hi dad, I just wanted to say that we’ll have the dinner at eight, in two hours, okay? 
Promise me you’ll show up. I text you the address right away.

-Yes, honey. But should I wear something special, if they’re rich ?

-Dad! They’re normal people, wear whatever you want. Okay? Bye.

Harry looked at me and gave me a slow,playfull kiss.

-Family troubles?

-No, it’s just.. my dad is a little overprotective, when it comes to boys.

-He don’t like me?

-He have’nt met you, I think he’s gonna love you.

He nodded, and we pulled in outside Harrys house. He paid the driver and we got out of the limo, Anne saw us through the window and she waved at us.

-I got another surprise for you after the dinner. He winked at me

- Aw, Harry that’s so sweet of you.
He took my hand and opened the door for me, I smiled at him and kissed him lightly.

-Harry? Can you and _____ help me with the salad?

-Sure, mum.

I followed Harry into the kitchen and got a big hug from Anne, she opened the fridge and gave us a salad, some tomatoes, onions,carrots and feta cheese. She gave is an chopping board each and a knife. Harry smiled at me and took my knife away from me and laid it on the kitchen counter .

-Easy with that ,babe. I don’t want you to cut yourself.

He was just so perfect, I put my arms around him and gave him a kiss. I took a tomato from the plastic bag and started t cut it in pieces, then I looked at Harry. He had sliced it in six big pieces, I started to laugh and showed him how to do it.

-Oh no, do not think you’re the pro here! I can do that much better, I wasn’t even finished!


Harry continued to cut it and after a while it was just a big pile of tomato mash. Anne looked at it and sighed, Then she took his chopping board and threw the tomatoes in the trashes. Then she looked at mine.

-Nice to have someone here who actually can cook.

-I know, people tell me that all the time!

Harry said proudly, Anne and I just laughed at him.

We made the table and then the door bell ringed, Anne opened the door and I could hear my dad’s voice. I went out in the hall and gave my dad a hug and then I went into the dining room and sat down next to Harry.

My dad walked against Harry and shaked his hand.


-Harry, nice to meet you.

When everybody sat down around the table my dad and Anne started to talk with each other, they actually seemed to get along pretty well. I just looked at Harry and gave him a smile.

-So, Harry, how old are you?

-I’m seventeen , one year older than ____.

He was so charming, he was the guy parents should love, but I don’t know what’s wrong with mine.

-Oh, you’re going to school?

-No, not anymore.

Dad looked down in his plate and mumbled something, then he took a bite of the meat.

-So, for how long have you’ve been dating? Anne said

- I think it’s about two weeks? Isn’t it? Harry said and looked at me

-Yeah, something like that.

After the dinner dad seemed kind of happy, and he wasn’t that hard against Harry, he seemed to like him. He stayed a while after and talked to Anne, and he left when it was about 12.00.

Harry and I got up to his room, and I had forgot that he had another surprise for me. I sat down on his bed and he opened his closet and picked up a guitar. Then he sat down next to me.

-I’ve never sung for a girl before, but you’re special. I’ll do anything for you.

Another one of his perfect lines, they were like love quotes. I leaned in and gave him a long kiss, he smiled that cricked smile at me and started to sing Isn’t she lovely for me.

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