Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


26. Crazy Sleepover

I woke up of Harry carrying me upstairs, the other boys came after him. 
-She's awake! Damn, bad timing! Louis said and looked sad
- Why are they still here? I asked Harry
- Sleepover! Niall screamed
-Great. I said and rolled my eyes
-It'll be funny! Liam said and smiled

I looked down at Harry and noticed that he was naked again, this just was too much.
-Harry! You're naked again! I said
-He always is.. Louis said
-Honey.. You don't mind don't you? Harry said
-Haha no, it's okay, I guess.
As soon we got up to Harry's room we started to blow up air matresses, then Harry looked at me.
-You're sleeping with me?
-Of course!
Soon it was matresses all over the floor and everyone went into the bathroom to brush our teeths, Me, Louis and Niall took the bathroom upstairs and Harry,Liam and Zayn took the one downstairs.
I started to brush my teeths and Louis was standing next to me doing the same, Niall pushed in between us and started to look at me.
-Soo.. Have you and Harry done it? He said and smiled at me
I looked uncertainly at him and then I snorted.
-Like that's your buisness.
Louis looked at me too now, and Niall started to laugh.
-You haven't, i can tell. He said with a teasy voice
-Okay, we have! I said quite annoyied
-Wooooo... He said and louis slapped him in his head
-You shouldn't say anything cause you're a *Cough* virgin *cough*

Niall gave him a angry face and then he started to sing quietly.
We went back to Harrys room and I got down beside harry in the bed, he put his arms around me and kissed my lips softly.
-Goodnight guys,and no egg throwing, no water over someone and no jumping on someone, okay? Harry said
-Have that happened? I said and laughed
-Several times, actually, I heard liam sigh from his bed
I closed my eyes and after 10 minutes I heard Zayn screaming.
-Ouuch, louis stop!
Harry switched the lamp on and Louis and Zayn was having a pillow fight, Harry just sighed. They screamed at each other sounding like girls for about 10 minutes more and finally they stopped.
-Okay, Zayn. Peace!
-PEACE! Zayn shouted and stroked Louis cheek
-You have sweet cheeks, cause you are a sweetcheeks. Zayn started to laugh and so did Louis.
-Shut the fuck up! Liam screamed and everyone became quiet.

I took Harrys hand and looked into his eyes, I slowly kissed him and put my head on his chest.
I woke up of the bed tossing, I opened my eyes and saw that Louis, Zayn and Niall was jumping on it. Louis stepped on my leg and I started to scream. He fell backwards and landed in Niall's food plate he'd brought upstairs.
-Niall you bitch!
He got up and he had melted cheese and food in whole his hair, he dissapered out of Harrys room. I looked at Harry and smiled.
-They're crazy. I said and laughed
-Oh, food! Niall said when he saw the plate

Zayn got up from our bed and took up two eggs from his bag, then he went to liam's bned were he was lying sleeping. He dropped them and they splashed at poor liam's head, liam woke up and started to run after Zayn. He wrestled down him on a bed and Zayn kissed his lips.
-I love you too. Zayn said and laughed
-This is not funny! Liam said and let go of Zayn and he went out of Harry's room too, I started to laugh.
Suddenly Louis came in and his eyes were so big, he was smiling like he'd just met Nathalie Portman.
-I just..Oh MY God. Louis said and smiled again
-What? Niall said
-Harry, promise you'll not be mad. Louis said
-No, you've already done everything I told you not to. He sighed
-I just saw Anne with only her bra and thongs! He said and looked so happy
-No way! Zayn said and started to run out of the room
-Ahh.. Harry said and looked at louis with a bothered face
-Harry, she's hot. Niall said while eating
-Never mind, _____ what do you wanna do today? Harry and and smiled against me
- Be with you?
- That sounds good.

When everyone had left Anne looked at Harry with a serious face.
- Your friends can't just run around here looking into my room.
-I know , I'm sorry.
I couldn't stop myself and I started to laugh, Harry took my hand and we went out to the backyard and sat down in a chair, he seemed a little nervous.
-I have something for you. Harry said and gave me a little box
I opened it and there was a ring inside, with diamonds.
-____ Karen Ward will you marry me?
I looked at him, did he just proposed to me? I think he did.
-After everything we’ve gone through , after getting stabbed in my stomach for you, I just realized something, that you’re the one I wanna live with my whole life. I don’t think it matter if I do it right now or in ten years cause I’m still gonna love you as much as I do now.

I smiled.
-I want to, but I’m just 17,and you’re 18.
-Is that a no?
-No, it’s a yes but the wedding and telling our parents can wait, we can be secretly engaged. So yes, Harry Edward Styles I’d love to marry you.
Harry leaned in to kiss me and put the ring on my finger, I smiled and looked into his beautiful eyes.
-I love you, more that anyone else. Harry said and stroked my cheek and gave me a long kiss.
I just had miss our perfect kisses, they were back now and I was feeling crazily in love again.
-Our babies, then, what should they be named? I said and giggled
-I like Bruno. Harry said and laughed, I hit him lightly in his side and laughed too.
-I want a big house by the water. I said and smiled
Harry smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.
-So what are todays plans, Mrs. Styles?
-____ Styles, do that sound good? I said
-It sounds meant to be, just like us.

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