Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


36. Cheating

 looked at Harry, then at Adam. Why did everything always has to go so wrong? Like I’m cursed with forever unluckiness.
-You just ruined everything for me, thanks. And wait, I have something for you.
I said and threw my drink at his face.
-And I forgot to tell you, that I fucking hate you!
He just looked at me with a shocked face and I pushed him away to get to Harry.
-Why are you always doing this to me?
-Doing what? He kissed me!
-You know what? I’m tired of all of this, all fights.
-You remember that you’ve kissed that Madison girl right, and you did much more than that..
-Can you just stop going on about that?
-No., I can’t.

I had tears in my eyes, Harry seemed angry and I didn’t want to fight anymore, I was so irritated of him right now. I went to Louis and the others and asked them if we could go home.
-I don’t wanna talk about it.
-Okay can you just get Harry and then we’ll go?
I nodded , we needed to fix things anyway. I walked out on the dance floor and found Harry dancing with another girl. They were dancing very close to each other and they met in a kiss.
I started crying, why would he do that to me? Louis that was standing behind me walked up to harry and said something with a serious face. Harry gave the girl a piece of paper and gave her a hug. She disappeared and Harry continued to talk with Louis.

I didn’t wanna see more so I got out on the street alone and jumped into a taxi.
-Where are you going?
The driver asked and I just sighed.
-I don’t know; just take me out of here.
The driver laughed and backed out from the parking and I leaned my head against the window pane.
My phone called a several times but I refused to answer, I just stared out of the window while the tears were streaming down my face.
-So where are you going? The driver asked me again
-Drive me to the beach please.
I was so mad at him, my anger just made me wanna kill myself. How could he do this to me? I didn’t know what to do, I had nowhere to go.
When the taxi stopped at the beach me and Louis used to go to I paid and got out. It was pretty far away from London, if someone would know that I’m here it’s Louis. And he understands me, he wouldn’t tell Harry.

I walked among the water until I was too tired to go anymore. I had probably been walking for 2 hours and the beach must be very long, I sat down in the sand and watched the sunset. It was around 01.00 am I think and it was cold to just sit there in a dress, I had forgotten my purse at the club.
I gasped, I was so tired. I laid down in the sand and closed my eyes.
I woke up to the waves hitting the sand, I’ve always loved that sound. I looked at my phone that was lying beside me and picked it up.
30 missed calls from Louis
I looked at the screen, why haven’t Harry even called? He maybe didn’t regret what he did and still was angry with me? I just wanted to forget about everything that happened last night, but I’m still angry with Harry. He didn’t get it, he just didn’t even hear me out before he started making out with that other girl. That just prove how much he loves me, not at all. And it was my birthday!

I shocked my head, I’m not going back anyway. But maybe I should call Louis back? He must be worried.
I looked at my phone and decided to call him.
I said with a weak voice, it was torn after all the crying last night.
-_______! Are you ok? I’ve been so worried!
-Why would I be? Harry made out with a other girl in front of me on my birthday..
-I know, where are you?
- I don’t wanna come back.
-Just let me come please?
-Promise to not tell Harry, ok?
-Of course I won’t.
-The beach you use to go to..
-Have you been sleeping there!?
-Yes..can you bring me a sweater, or just something warm?
-I will, I’ll come right away.

I dropped the phone in the sand and sighed, my life literally was like a rollercoaster. Why did everything have to be so hard?
After a couple of hours I saw Louis walking against me, he waved and smiled.
I looked down in the sand and realized that I must look terrible after all crying.
He sat down beside me and gave me a pair of pants and a sweater. I pulled the sweater over my head .
-So what happened? You wanna tell me?
-I guess.
He looked at me and putted his arm around me, I leaned my head against his shoulder and took a deep breath.
-I met a ex in the club, from Sweden. He asked me if I wanted to dance, I said yes, and he kissed me. I didn’t even kiss him back and Harry just didn’t even hear me out.
-It’ll work out.
-No, this time I don’t think it will.
I started crying again, Louis looked at me.
-Do you want me to stay?
I nodded, and we just sat there the whole day talking about everything, he just always managed to make me feel better.

When it was getting dark I putted on my pants too and we fell asleep next to each other in the sand.
Louis woke me up the next morning and I slowly sat up in the sand, the sun was shining and I realized how hungry I was, I haven’t eaten in 1 whole day.
I checked my phone again, no missed calls.
-What’s wrong?
-He haven’t even called me.
-Forget about him for a second, _____! Let’s go home , he went out anyway. It’s just the others home.
I swallowed, He went out? I got a terrible feeling in my stomach and I couldn’t help starting to cry again.
Louis pulled me up and we walked together to the car, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get back to the apartment, because Harry is going to come home. But I just couldn’t think clear anymore, I just wanted to go and hide somewhere. But there is no place to hide.

When we got back to the apartment Zayn,Niall and Liam gave me a hug and Louis walked with me to the guestroom.
-You can be alone in here, you can lock the door, so no one will disturb you. You can watch a little TV, sit on the balcony, sleep.. yeah do whatever you feel like.
I walked over to Louis and putted my arms around him.
-Thank you. You’re the best friend ever. Really.
He smiled and left the room, I slowly closed the door after him and locked it. I putted the key on the table next to the bed and turned on the TV.

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