Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


3. Carrot Mash

I just could’nt wait for getting up next morning , I didn’t sleep at all , was only thinking of Harry. I tried to sleep and I even took sleep pills but that didn’t work either. I started to think if Harry likes me or something, he actually wanted to follow me on twitter. I was glad he did , even though I probably did appear as an idiot yesterday.
On the morning when i checked my mentions I noticed a tweet from Harry:
‘Nice meeting you @____loves1d! ‘
I smiled, I can’t wait til I’m meeting him again! I put on a top with the text ‘ I LOVE YOU’ on and a pair of jeans shorts. I jumped into my comfortable converse and I run the whole way to subway. They were’nt there , so I lied down in the grass and listened to some music on my mp3. After a while I opened my eyes and I noticied that Harry was sitting rigt beside me in the grass looking at me. I quickly sat up and took off my headphones.
- hey there, _____! He took off his glasses
- H-hi , i was just .. erm
- Got it , the boys seem to like you.
- Really? I was shocked
- Yeah , we think you’re cool to be a fan, you don’t scream when you see us and things like that. The boys asked me to tell you that we’d love to hang out with you some day. If you want to ofcourse!
- Yes, of course I do! I smiled and could’nt really understand this was happening to me.
- Well, I have to go inside, wanna come? He winked and got up
- Yeah ..Is that really okay? I mean..
- ____. I asked you , It’s totally okay sweeite!
I started blushing and I followed Harry inside. We came into a room with some couches where the rest of One Direction sat and played Fifa . I looked uncertainly at Harry who introduced me to Zayn and Niall who haven’t met me before.
- This is ____, guys.
- _____! Come sit here next to me ! Louis smiled and pointed at the seat next to him
I sat down next to Louis , he was leaning forward and took a plastic bag with carrots from the table. He took one and was chewing noisily while he talked to Liam about some prank he did to Paul for a week ago.
- Want a carrot my dear ? He smiled with his mouth full off carrots and some fell out on Liam’s lap.
- Eww! You’re so gross Louis, keep your carrots to yourself! Liam squeezed the carrot mash in Louis face and Louis spitted out all off the carrots he had in his mouth on Liam.
I looked at Liam , he looked so funny. He had chewed carrots all over him and he looked like he was about to strangle Louis, I started laughing.
-This is not funny! Look at me! He looked at Louis
- Louis, I’m gonna kill you! Liam got up and did the fuck you sign against Louis. He dissapared into the toilet.
When the clock was around 01.00 I got a text from my dad that I had to go home. So I said bye to everyone and Harry followed me out, he gave me a long, warm hug and then he said:
- Bye beautiful, see you tomorrow?
I nodded and got annother hug from Harry, but this time he didn’t let go.
- Harry.. I have to go. I smiled
-Right.. sorry , but I’ll see you tomorrow then.
When i got home I had got annother tweet from Harry:
‘ Great day with the boys and @_____loves1D, Everyone go follow her! Can’t wait til tomorrow .’

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