Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


31. Birthday Party/2

Harry just looked so upset, I couldn’t resist wondering what happened.
-Harry? I said carefully
-Yeah? He said and gave a sob
-Can I ask you what happened? I whispered and we leaved our hug position and he leaned back against the bench. I moved closer to him so our legs touched and I took his hand in mine, I smiled a faded smile and looked at him.
-You can tell me.
-I know babe.

He squeezed my hand softly and wiped away his tears from his face with his hands. He started telling me about everything, I nodded all the time and listened.
-But she do know that we should wait with the whole wedding thing does she?
-No, I didn’t got time to she just started to yell at me.
He looked at the ground and sighed.
-We have to tell her sometime.
-I know, but can we please talk about something else right now, I wanna do something fun.
-Ok what do you wanna do?
-You know what I wanna do.
Harry said and laughed
-Let’s go home then.

Harry brightened up a bit and we took a taxi back to the apartment.
We took the elevator to our floor and I kissed him softly, he locked up the door and we walked hand in hand into the livingroom where Louis,Liam and Zayn was sitting. 
-Hey lads.
Harry said and smiled
-what happened? Louis said and looked at him
-just a silly fight.
-You wanna watch a movie, we bought Poppers Penguins! Liam said and laughed
-Maybe later. Harry said and took my hand and dragged me into our bedroom, i kissed his underlip softly and unzipped my top and pulled it off.

Harry slowly kissed my neck and my and down on my collarbones, i pulled off his t-shirt and sat down on the bed to take off my pants, he did the same and laid down on top of me.
I kissed his lips softly and held my hand around his neck, he slowly putted his warm hands on my back and unzipped my bra, he took off his boxers and we laid down under the quilt.
He started breathing heavily while he kissed my neck and helped me take off my panties, he pulled them over my feet and threw them on the floor.
He laid down beside me and removed a hair stripe from my face, he laid down ontop of me and slowly putted it in.
I putted my hands on his back and kissed him, he started to get going faster and we both was breathing really heavily.
Suddenly the door opened up and there Niall was standing, looking all shocked and Harry quickly rolled around so he laid beside me. Niall just starred at us and I started blushing, he turned around and walked out.

I looked at Harry and then at the open door, soon Louis came and the others came to ask us what was wrong with Niall and he just looked at our clothes all over the floor and then at us.
-God, sorry.
Louis and Zayn left and Harry and I started to get dressed again, how should I be able to even look at hem after this? I looked at Harry
- What about now?
- It's okay, let's go to bed.
It was around 12.00 so we went to bed to not have to meet them again after that.

Next morning I woke up and Harry wasnt there, I put on a white t-shirt with a print and a big grey jacket over, then a beige skirt. I sneaked out in the kitchen and Liam, Zayn and Harry was playing Wii in the living room and Louis was cooking. Louis gave me a smile, I guess they were cool about it?
I sat down on a chair opposite to him and he looked up while he was cutting the bread.
-So some bedroom fun last night huh? He said and laughed
-Sorry.. I said and looked down
-It's okay, we've heard you guys a several times anyway, Niall is like so dumb sometimes, he doesn't think. But hey, it's okay, don't be ashamed.
- If that's what you say so..

I said and took a orange in my hand and went in to the others in the livingroom, Harry smiled and gave me a kiss.
-We're going to the studios today, you wanna join? Liam said and smiled
-of course! I don't wanna be here all alone anyway.
I sat down in Harrys lap and watched Liam and Zayn playing, Harry gave me a smile and took my hand.

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