Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


30. Birthday Party

I opened my eyes and quietly i went downstairs and I found Louis lying on the floor. There was a guy standing next to him, when he saw me he smiled and intruduced himself.
-Hi, I'm Stan, Louis Friend.
-_____, Harry's ... i was going to say fiance but I didn't want him to say "this early?" or something like that.
-... Girlfriend. I said and smiled.
-Oh , nice to meet you! We were at a club and he drank.. like really much.
-Can see that. I said and watched Louis who was lying on the floor drowling
-I can take it from here. I said and smiled at Stan.
-Okay, thanks. I'm going then.
I nodded and sat down beside louis, he was mumbling something about a unicorn and I started to laugh.
-Louis? I said and poked his stomach
-Well Hellooooo! I'm a quagmire, i can swing woooooooooo! Louis screamed
-Shhhh.. the others are sleeping! I whispered
-Swinging. He mumbled
-Louis, I'll help you to bed ok? Can you get up?

I pulled him up and he putted his arm over my shoulder, we walked slowly against his room and I laid him on his bed and putted the quilt over him.
-Goodnight Lou, sweet quagmire dreams. I said and started to giggle
-Nighty nighty... He said and after a few seconds i could hear him snore
I sneaked back to mine and Harrys bedroom and laid down next to Harrys warm body.
Next morning I went into Louis room to check up on him, he was still asleep and I sat down on the bed.
-Ah..my head.
-I helped you last night.
-Sorry. He said and smiled
-No problems, you we're funny.
- yeah whatever. He said and started to massage his forehead

I leaved the room and went back to our room to wake up Harry.
-Harry? I said a little carefully and kissed his lips
-Hi. He said and kissed me back
-Let's go get some breakfast!
I said and pulled Harry up from the bed.

1 week later
I actually was suprised how good it went between Harry and his mum, he've met her almost every day planning the party. Now it's just my dad left I guess, I putted the dress I got from Harry on and a pair of black heels. We were going to the party in an hour and Harry was just taking a shower, I putted some makeup on and then I looked at mysefl in the mirror and thought about what made me so special? What makes me the girl Harry Styles wanna marry?
-Hello babes, you look stunning! Harry said when he came out of the shower
He kissed my forhead and then he dropped his towel and putted his boxers on, he opened is closet and then he looked at me.
-I don't know what to wear.
-Let me see. I said and looked at his clothes, I picked a black jacket, a shirt and a pair of chinos.

Harry putted them on and I gave him a kiss before we met up with the others in the livingroom and headed down to the taxi.
Anne gave us both a hug when we came inside the door and we said happy birthday to gemma, then we sat down in the sofa with the others.
-Have she talked with you about the marrige? I whispered
-No. He said and looked at Anne who was standing in the door watching us.
After a couple of hours of dancing with everyone I tried to find Harry, but I couldn't se him anywhere.

HARRYS Point Of View.
I was just going to take a cake when my mum pulled me away to the kitchen, she had that serios look in her eyes. I leaned against the wall and waited for her to say anything.
-Harry. We have to talk about this.
-About what , mum?
-You can't get married, I won't let you.
-This is what I mean! You don't understand me! I love this girl, more than anyone else, and it's our decision to make, not yours. Just stay out of this!
-Harry Edward Styles, listen to me! I won't let you to get married
-You know what? Shut up! I said with a scornful voice
-You don't talk to me like that!
- You're not making my decisions anymore, I've moved away from home, i'm grown up now.
-You are not! You act like a child playing around with girls
-I'm not, I love _____!
-You don't, this is just one of those girl you have and then dumps, I know you Harry! That's what you do!

I just got so upset by her saying that, I love _____ from the bottom of my heart.
-You just hurt girls, she's too good for you anyway.
-Why are you saying that?
-Cause you don't love her!
-What do you know about that? What the hell do you know about that?
-You've cheated on her several times and hurted her too many to count, let's just face it harry, she's too good for you.
That just gone over the line, I took a plate from the counter and trew it against her, she moved and it hitted the wall behind. I ran out of the door and the tears wouldn't stop falling down my face
I sat down on a bench in Hyde park and kept crying.

______ Point Of View.
Suddenly I heard a crash from inside and in the kitchen i saw Anne standing and cleaning up a broken plate, she looked at me with a angry face .
-Leave, just leave. she said
-where's Harry?
-Didn't you hear what I said, LEAVE! she screamed and I putted my shoes on and started walking home, I picked up my phone to call harry but he didn't answer. I guessed that they had a fight or something but why would harry just leave like that, without telling me? I kept on thinking when I saw someone with curly hair sitting on a bench in the park, I walked there and
looked at Harry. 

His eyes was red and he cried, I sat down beside him and gave him a long hug, I breath in his smell and we stayed in that position all night.
-I love you, I really do. He whispered in my ear
-I know Harry, I know you do. I said with a soft voice and I gave him a light kiss on his neck.

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