Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


16. Bicycling and Football

I looked at him, his curly hair and his smile. He bend down from the bed and picked up a condom from his bag, then he took off his pants and kissed me.

-Harry, stop.
He stopped kissing me and I sat up in the bed.
-This is what you did with annother girl, it just don't feel right.
-Babes, I love you, this wont ruin anything.

He smiled and took off his boxers too, then he slowly laid on top of me and we started kissing.
-I'll take it easy babe, carefully.
I closed my eyes.
After 10 minutes I was lying besides Harry and he smiled at me.
-That was incredible, I love you baby.
-It was, I love you too.

I gave him a little playful kiss and couldn't still belive that we did it. We looked into each others eyes and he leaned in to kiss me again.

-I've the most beautiful and sexy girlfriend in the world.
-I'm not, you are.

He started laughing and he put his arms around me and pulled me in, and stroked my back with his hands.
His phone started to call and he answered.

-Hello?.... Erm.... I'm at ____s....Yeah, I'll ask her. Okay bye.
I looked curiosly at him.

-It was Zayn, he wondered if we wanted to do something with them .
-Sure, I barely know Zayn and Niall.

He texted Zayn and I started to put on my underwears, and then my clothes.

-We have to take the window way again. I said and started to giggle
-I actually would rather stay here and do it again, with you.

I started blushing and I smiled at him.
-Later, maybe.

He smiled and then he got dressed, we climbed out of the window and jumped down on the grass. We sneaked to Louis car and we sat down in the backseat.

-So.. what have you been up to? Louis said while driving
-Ermm.. we
- Oh, I get it. Louis said and smiled that little cheeky smile.
-Uhm, what are we gonna do now then? I said
-The boys wanted to play some soccer. Is that okay with you?
-Sure, but I've no clothes to play in. I said and looked down om the clothes I'm wearing.
-You can borrow from Niall, he's little. Louis started to laugh

We drove in to a big soccer plane and Liam, Zayn and Niall was standing there and passing each other the ball.
I waved at them and smiled,Niall gave me a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of shoes.

- 36 right? he said and pointed at the shoes
-Actually it is.

I achieved the things and got inside to the changing room and changed, I looked like a real soccer player. I went outisde and Harry came against me and gave me a kiss, then he got a ball in his head.

-No kissing ! Louis shouted
Harry started to laugh and we picked teams. It was me, Louis and Liam against Niall,Harry and Zayn.
Louis passed me the ball and I passed Liam on the other side of the plane, we kept on playing in hours and my team won.

-Let's go and shower. Louis said
-Shower? Is there a girl one too?
I looked at the building that only had one room.
-No, we let you shower first. He said and gave me a towel, I stepped into the house and undressed myself. I kept my bra and my panties on in case of someone coming in anyway, I walked into the shower and the water poured down my body.

I suddenly felt someones arms around me from behind, I turned around and saw Harry standing there.

-We can shower together can't we?
-Sure, babe. I said and gave him a kiss.
He pushed me against the wall and we started making out, I slowly put my hand under his t-shirt and felt his abs.
-Get a room!

Louis was standing in the door, looking at us.
-Louis, go out! Harry shouted and kept kissing me.
We walked out from the shower and sat down on the benchs in the changing room, I put my clothes on and the other boys came in to shower.

-Should I go out? I said and looked at Harry
-No , stay.

They got undressed and got into the shower, no bother I was looking at them. It was only zayn that had a towel around his hips, he just looked at me a little uncomfortable.

He sat down waiting for the other guys to have showered, and then Niall came from behind and poured a bucket with ice cold water over him.

Zayn got up and he dropped his towel on the floor, he ran after Niall out on the football plane all naked and pressed Nialls face against the grass, over and over again.
Soon they came in again and Niall had mud and grass all over him, even in his ears.

-They're so immuture.Liam said and sighed
-Go and take a shower now so we can go. Louis said and sat down next to me and Harry.
-so what do you wanna do ? He asked me
-Erm, I don't know, what about you? I looked at Harry
-You know what I wanna do. Harry winked at me

I hit him in his site and gave him a serious look.
-Sorry.. Well. we can go bicycling! I like that!
-That's a great idea! I'll call Paul and ask him to rent .. erm.. six bicyles!

He picked up his phone and started to talk to Paul, I looked at Harry and smiled, our lips were meeting slowly and he winked at me.
-Done! Niall and Zayn said and they're standing dressed and ready to go by the door.
-Shawy lets go,go,go. Louis started to sing and everybody started to walk out to the car.
I took Harrys hand and we sat down in the car, I looked at him, so beautiful.

We stopped outside a bicycle shop and we got our cycles right away.
I jumped on mine and we went into the woods, we should stop at a little beach somewhere.
We went in on a little path and we came out on a little beach, I put my cycle against a three and sat down in the sand. It was so beautiful, the sunset, and Harry.
The other guys went swimming right away and Harry sat down besides me and kissed me, then he lifted me up and held me in his arms. He went out in the water and when I was about to kiss him, he let go.
I fell down in the water and Niall pulled me out and they started to splash water at me, after a while we went into the beach to grill some hot dogs to eat. Harry sat down besides me and held is arm around me. He leaned in to kiss me and I put my hand on his neck and answered with a kiss back

Next morning when I woke up I decided that I would go to Subway for breakfast. When I had ordered my sandwich and sat down at a table I took up a magazine that was in front of me, and on the front page I saw a picture of Harry and another girl holding hands and locking in each other’s eyes. When I saw the picture I didn’t know what to believe, had this Olivia girl been right about Harry all the time? I can’t believe that something like this would happen when everything just had started to be good again. I texted Harry to meet me in the park in half an hour. I wanted to confront him this time. But I didn’t exactly know what to say to him but I didn’t want to start to cry again, but when I saw him and he came to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek the tears just came and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. 

-What’s wrong babe?
-What’s wrong? This is what’s wrong, and I showed him the magazine.
-It’s just a picture of me and Madison. I meet her I LA she is in our music video and we became friends.
-Friends? It looks like you are more then friends to me, and it says in the magazine that you gave echothers phone number.
-Yeah but a lot of people have my number.
-Wait a minute… didn’t you sleep with someone in La? Was it her?

He didn’t say a word he just looked down at his feet and I could tell that she was the one he had slept with.
The tears started to come again and I was just about to walk away when Harry grabbed my arm-
-You said you forgave me for that remember?
-Well then I didn’t know that you was going out with her and that it would end up in magazines all over the country. I bet you still have her phone number.

Now we both cried. I ran all the way home, got in my room and laid on the bed for hours crying and my phone was ringing every 10 second’s but I didn’t wanna fight any more. I wanted to do something fun and just forget about everything for a while so I called Louis cause he always made me laugh so we decided to meet at the beach in an hour.

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