Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


15. Beach

I woke up in my room in London, it felt kind of weird actually. And that Harry had slept with annother girl.. I just wanted everything to be good again. Dad was at least happy, but mum were'nt. 
I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and a sandwich with cheese, I sat down on the porch and eat my breakfast. It felt good to be home, and I'm not going to school here. I've to get a job instead.
My dad came out with the phone and he said it was Harry.

-Hi , baby.
-I know you're may still mad at me, but I want to take you out on a date.
-You wan't to?
-Sure, when?
-Erm, maybe in a half an hour? And check your mentions on twitter first!
-Okay? Love you, bye.
-Love you more.

I hunged up and wondered what he meant with that. I logged in to twitter on my phone and saw the mention from Harry:
" I Love You, I Love You, I Love You. I'm sorry for everything @____loves1d but I just can let go of you. You're the girl for me, I love you more than anything else."

I smiled, maybe he made a misstake? Everybody does, he did forgive me for the kiss with Liam.

I went up to my room and put on a body with a flowery lace pattern, a pair of jeans shorts and a checkered shirt over it.
I looked at my screen and I saw I had got a text from Harry:
"bring a bikini, oh sorry, location for the date busted.. Love you xx"

I smiled and put on my bikini under my clothes. Then I put my bag on my shoulder and went downstairs, and Harry stood outside with a red car waiting for me.

He kissed me, and smiled. He took my bag and opened the door for me, and I got inte the car.

At the beach we put our things in the sand and Harry just took off his t-shirt and he became so impossible to not look at, I gave him a kiss.
I took my clothes off and we stepped out in the water.

-It's cold.

Harry just laughed at me and took me in his arms, he kissed me and then he let me go. I falled down in the water and I looked at harry with a angry face. I dived under the water against him and pulled him down , I hold him and we did a under water kiss, it felt amazing.
After we had been swimming for a while I heard my phone calling, it was my dad.

-Honey where are you?
-I'm at the beach with Harry.
-I don't wan't you to be with him, come home! And I'll be on a meeting tonight so you're grounded.
-Cause I don't wan't you to spend time with him, I've talked to the neighbours so they'll tell me if you go out anyway.
-Bye, honey!
I looked at my phone, shit!
-I have to go, I'll talk to you later, okay?
I sat down on a fence with my legs around him and he kissed me.
-I'll drive you home.

He dropped me off and when I came inside Dad already had left. I went out on the porch and saw that Mrs. Andersson was sitting in the window watching me.
I picked my phone up and called Harry.

-I'm grounded.
-No, I wanna meet you.
-Come over then.
-You sure?
- My neighbour is watching so you can take the window way without that she notice it.
-I'll come babe.
I hung up and fixed the makeup a little, I wanted this night to be perfect. Nothing can stop me from meeting him, not even my dad, I went up to my room and sat down on my bed waiting.

Soon Harry knocked on the window, I opened it and gave him a kiss.
He put his arms around me and we started to make out, and we fall down on my bed. He slowly pulled up my shirt and took it off, and I sat up in the bed kissing him. He hold me tight and unzipped my bra, he gave me a kiss and slowly put me down on the bed.

-I love you. He whispered in my ear and kissed my neck.

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