Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


20. Bahamas Here We Come

Alone for almost a week? That sucks. I just feel terrible, my head is hurting and I smell like I haven’t showered in ages. I already miss Harry, I want him here to take care of me, to lie here besides me.

My dad is coming in every half an hour and checking on me, I just can’t wait until Bahamas. I’ve already brought my suitcase from the cellar and it’s lying open on my floor. I just laid in my bed every day with my laptop in my hands, and everybody on twitter is so sweet, they’re so considerating and they’re checking how I’m doing. Harry has also been calling a few times, they were in Cardiff last time I spoke to him, and he said he can’t wait til Bahamas, I can’t either. The nurse said that I’ll be normal by then, I really hope so.

It’s only two days left now, and I’m feeling all okay, just a little dizzy. My suitcase is all packed and I’m ready to go. I just hope for no more fights now, it’s enough with those we’ve had.

I hold the case of Clueless, he was so cute, giving me it. I’ve watched it over and over again the whole week. I just downloaded movies and watched the rest of the day, next morning I packed the last things and waited for it to be Friday.

Harry called me and said that he miss me, and that he’ll pick me up at 07.00 am. And he wondered if I had taken my medication, I just laughed, are you my mum Harry? But it was really sweet of him anyway.
I woke up on Friday morning with a big smile on my face, I walked into the bathroom and took a shower, I hadn’t in almost a week. It just felt so nice, I was still a little dizzy but besides that I’m feeling like I use to. I put my makeup on and then a flowery dress, I sat down in my bed and packed down my pass, my phone and my medication in my purse and then I went downstairs to say goodbye to Dad.

-Hey honey how are you feeling?
-I’m good, just a little dizzy. I smiled
-Don’t forget to take the medication!
-Yeah, I won’t, Harry’s asking all the time..
-I like that kid.

I looked surprised at my dad, what ? He just smiled and continued to watch tv. I gave him a long hug and said goodbye, then I went out and jumped Harry and kissed him.

-Whoa babe! You have to be careful, you have a concussion know?
-I love you. I said and kissed him again
-You know I love you more. He whispered and kissed my nose

He took my suitcase and put it in the car, I sat down beside him in the backseat.
-You know how bored I’ve been? I’ve missed you so much!
I smiled at him and he took my hand
-I’m sorry, but now I’m all yours.

When we arrived at the airport there were loads of fans there, they were screaming and pulling in the boys. Harry just ignored them and hold my hand, we leaved our suitcases and went into the gate. We decided that Harry,Louis and I should sit together and Liam,Niall and Zayn. Paul got to sit with some strangers.
I sat down next to the window and Harry beside me, it just feel so good to be back together.

After a hour flight Harry took up a towel from his bag, he put it around his hips and started undressing himself.
-Harry! What are you doing?
-You get used to that..Louis said and sighed
He took off is boxers and sat there just in his towel, I looked around but no one seemed bothered.
-Seriously harry, stop it! I said seriously but I couldn’t resist to start lauging
-______, you see, it’s hot up here.
-You can’t do this, we’re in a airplain, with OTHER people!
-They’re watching the dvd, they won’t notice..
I started laughing and looked at him
-You’re crazy.
-Crazy about you baby. He winked

I leaned in and kissed him softly, Bahamas here we come!
After several hours on the plain we were finally here in Bahamas. When we got to the airport it was evening there witch was a good thing because we was all a little bit tiered. So we got in the car that was waiting to take us to the hotel. We had booked rooms so we were going to sleep two and two and Paul was getting a room of his own. Niall and Liam was going to shear a room so Zayn asked Louis
-So are we going to shear then?
-No me and ____ is going to shear a room?
-Yeap we sure are I said.
-What? Harry just looking at me
-Haha we are joking of course I’m going to shear room with you.
-Not funny Harry said a little upset.
-Oh come on it was a joke!

When we got in to our rooms I put on my pj’s and went to lie down besides Harry. He gave me a kiss and said he couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Then we both felled in to sleep. The next the when I woke up Harry was still asleep so I decided to go over to Louis and Zayn. When I came in the room they said
-Oh good that you are here we were just about to do a prank on Liam we are going to pot a lot of spoons in his bed, so when he wakes up he is going to freak.
-Haha nice I so have to see this I said.

Niall opened the door for us and then we put like 50 spoons in Liam’s bed and then we sat down on the floor waiting for him to wake up. After about two minutes Liam woke up and saw all the spoons around his head and he fell down to the floor and the rest of us was laying on the ground laughing until we cuddent breath. Liam got a little mad at first but then he laughed to. When I finally had stopped laughing I went back to my room. Harry was still asleep so I gave him a kiss and the he woke up.
-Morning beautiful he said.
-Morning to you too.
-So what do you want to do today?
-Maybe just lay on the beach and then on the afternoon we can go and swim with the dolphins.
-Yeah sure, we do whatever you want.
-Well let’s go den I said and dragged him out of bed.
We all went down for breakfast together. The rest of the lads was going to go jet skiing but Harry and I wanted to have some alone time.

When we had finished breakfast and I had put on my bikini we went down to the beach. It was so hot here in Bahamas. I was lying their and listening to music when I suddenly felt something freezing cold on my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Harry standing their laughing at my reaction. 
Oh you are going to pay for that I said and started to run after him. When we got I to the water I pushed his head down under the water. We both laughed and he pulled me in to his arms and gave me a kiss and I kissed him back. While we were standing there we saw Liam and the rest of the lads carrying 
Louis to the hotel. We caught up with them and asked what had happened.
-I was swimming in the sea and a got stunged by a jelly fish again, Louis said.
I couldn’t help to laugh a little even though I felt kind of sorry for him because this is the second time this has happened to him. But we all went to the hospital with him, and even that he was in pain he still was so funny he got in to this thing that looked like a dress and he went around the hospital and showing everyone his butt with stars and I couldn’t stop laughing at him. But after a few hours we got back to the hotel. We went ack tour room.

-So do you want to do something, I asked.
-Yes, just stay here with you.
He laid down on the bed and I laid down beside him. We laid there for a long time, and suddenly Louis came in jumping on one leg.
-What are you doing
-I was going to ask if you guys wanted to see a movie?

I looked at Harry and I could tell he wanted to be alone but I felt sorry for Louis how was all alone because everyone else had gone out. So o said that I would love to see a movie. I could hear Harry say something quiet. So I whispered in his ear.
-I will make this up to you later and I blinked at him with the eye. He smiled his perfect smile at me. At that moment I hoped nothing would change because now everything was perfect between us I loved him so much.

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