Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


18. Amusement Park

On my way home I sat down on a bench trying to stop crying and figure out what I would do to get something else to think about. I decided to call Louis and tell him what happened.

-Hey sweetie how did it go?
-Horrible I saw Madison kissing him, and then I just ran off.
-What? I didn’t know Madison was in England.
-Guess she was too busy making out with Harry so she forgot to tell you.
-Haha even that I know you’re sad you still have your humor left, and that’s a good thing.
-Yeah I guess it is. I know we just hung out but would you mind doing something again later today? I could really need a friend to hang out with so I won’t think of you know how.
-Yeah sure why not I like hanging out with you. I’ll pick you up in an hour outside your house.
- Okay see you then, bye.

When I got home I looked at my phone, I had 18 missed calls from Harry and a bunch of text messages saying I’m sorry and please forgive me. But I ignored them I didn’t want to think about it, tonight I wanted to have fun. I but on a short dress with a low back and then I put on some make-up. And the I logged on to twitter and Louis had written: going out for a fun night with my friend Allison. Suddenly I heard a car pull in on the drive way. I looked through the window and I saw Louis walking against the door so I grabbed my jeans jacket and run down the stairs and opened the door when Louis had ringed on the doorbell. I opened the door and Louis had a pair of jeans shorts and a T-shirt with lines on them. Classic Louis I thought.

-Hey, wow nice dress.
-Thanks you don’t look too bad yourself.
We got in the car and started to drive.
- So what would you like to do?
- I don’t know I’m fine with whatever you want.
- Okay so we can go to Starbucks and the maybe we can go to this new amusement Park I have heard they have this amazing roller coaster.
-Yeah that’s sounds great it’s been years seens I was on a roller coaster.

When we sat down at Starbucks we came in to a conversation directly. Louis was so easy to talk to and he was really funny to I laughed until I couldn’t breath.
When we had finished our drinks we stared to walk against the amusement Park. We went on a bunch of different rides and had loads of fun I had completely forgot about Harry. But suddenly I saw someone that I recognized standing in a group eating cotton candy. It was Harry with Liam, Niall and Zayn. They waved at us and Louis looked at me.
-Do you want to go and say hi?
-Not really but I can wait here while you do it.
I stood there looking at them Harry looked at me and then I heard him say to Louis…
-So you going after your friends girlfriends now?
-Don’t be silly I would never do that but are you sure she even is your girlfriend anymore? From what I heard you are ‘’very friendly’’ with Madison.
- What is Madison here? Zayn said confused.
-No not anymore I told her to go back and that I never won’t to see her again. I tried to tell Allison but she doesn’t return my call.
-Well I wouldn’t either after what you have done.
-Nice to know how sides you are on.
-I’m not at anyone sides, but what you did was really wrong.
-What? What have you done Harry? Liam asked
-Nothing? Are you kidding me what you did was so you, you have always played around with girls.
-Look Louis why don’t you mind your on business.

I saw Harry getting were close to Louis like he was going to punch him but the others lads stopped him and they walked away. When Louis came back I asked what had happened but he just said that Harry was an ass but that he didn’t care because he knows that he is really sad because I won’t talk to him.

Louis drove me home and he followed me to the door. I sad that I have had a really good time and that I was sorry for what had happed between Harry and him, but he said that I didn’t have to worry about it. He gave me a hug and I went up to my room. I put on my pj’s and cleaned off the make-up and then went to bed. But before I fell asleep I looked at my phone I had got a new text messages from Harry. I opened it and it said, I am SO sorry for everything but I need to see you and explain. If you still love me meet me in the park tomorrow at 12 a clock. Xoxo / your Harry. A tear fell down my cheek I still loved him but I was afraid that if I got back together with him I would have my heart broken again should I give him one more chance?

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