Dreams Do Come True

Hello i dont want to give anything away so im not going to teel you about the story!! sorry love you though and thanks for reading!!xx PS ITS A HARRY FAN FIC


13. American Pie

He finished the song with a added I love you and then he leaned in to kiss me. I slowly kissed him back and he looked into my eyes.

-You know how beautiful your eyes are? They’re like crystals.

-They’re not.

I started to blush, I wasn’t used to this much compliments.

-Stop saying that, I love them.

I smiled at him and he picked up his laptop from his floor, he opened it and pressed the start button

-You wanna see a movie babe? You know any good ones?

-I don’t know,I like Clueless.

-All girls of course loves girl movies.

-And all boys of course love action and science-fiction movies that counts as boy movies.

-You like American Pie? Harry smiled and showed me the movie case

I started to laugh, wasn’t that one of those movies that only is about sex, sex and sex? That’s kind of embarrassing watching with your boyfriend.

-If you want to watch it I won’t stop you..

-Let’s watch it then!

He opened the case and put the DVD in the laptop, and then he laid down in the bed with a arm around me, he smiled that naughty smile again.

The movie started and of course it started with a sex scene, Harry looked at me and smiled. I felt kind of uncomfortable and continued to watch, I hoped he didn’t notice that I was blushing.

The guy in the movie who was having sex with his girlfriend in his dorm room at college, and then his dad came in, and started to talk about how normal it was, and not embarrassing at all.

I just looked at Harry who seemed to think it was really funny, I just shocked my head. After a hour of the same things my phone called, it was my dad.


-Hi, it’s dad. I just wanted to tell you that I’m not gonna be home tomorrow, so it would be good if you slept over at Harrys, I’ve talked to Anne already.

-Oh, I did’nt quite expect you to say that. But thanks!

-Harry seems like a nice guy, and his mum is really nice too.

-Okay, we’re watching a movie so I’ll talk to you later okay? Bye.

-Bye sweetheart.

I hunged up and Harry looked at me, waiting for me to tell him what my dad said.

-I’m gonna sleep here tonight!

-Oh, sleepover, exciting! He said with a girly voice and kissed me.

-Can I borrow a t-shirt to sleep in?

-You can sleep without clothes, I do. He winked at me

-you wish, just borrow me one!

He gave me a blue Jack Wills t-shirt and I quickly put it on, I noticed him starring at me.

-Harry, stop it!

-Can’t help it, you’re just so beautiful!

I gave him a light kiss on his lips and went out to the bathroom to brush my teeth’s and remove the makeup. When I got back into Harrys room he was standing in the middle of the floor, all naked.

I covered my eyes and started to scream

-Harry! Put on some clothes, now!

-It’s hot in here.. he said with a sad voice and I turned around

-You can look now.

He was wearing a pair of boxers, thank god! We laid down under the quilt and I gave him a kiss before I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up of that Harry was dressing himself, he had a bag in his hands and sunglasses on.

-Where are you going babe?

-It’s a meeting with the management, important, obviously.

-Right, when are you coming back?

-I thought you could stay here maybe? You can log in to Twitter on my laptop or whatever you want. I’ll be back in an hour.

-Okay, babe. See you later, I love you.

-I love you more.

Harry leaned in and gave me a long, passionate kiss and left. I sat up in the bed and turned on his laptop and signed in to twitter.

‘ Asking time! Someone wanna ask me something, I’ll reply your questions! Xx #ask___’

I looked at my mentions and answered so much questions I could, almost all of them was about Harry or anyone else of the guys. Suddenly I heard harrys voice downstairs and I noticed that It already had gone a hour. I tweeted something like:

‘ Harry is here, sorry guys #ask____ is over, hope you liked the answers! Xx’
I turned off the laptop and jumped up at Harry as soon he came into his room, I gave him a kiss on his lips and smiled. His smile faded away and he sat down on his bed, and he asked me to come sit next to him.

-How was the meeting?

-Terrible, I just found out something terrible.


-We’re gonna have a tour in a week, around Europe and in the UK.

-Is that terrible?

-They told us that .. they told us that we can’t..

A tear fell down Harrys cheek,he looked at me with a helpless look and took my hand.

-What Harry? What did they tell you?

-That we can’t have girlfriends.

I looked at Harry, what did that supposed to mean?

-Louis have broke up with Hannah, Zayn with Rebecca and Liam with Danielle. It’s only me left, that’s what they told me, that having a girlfriend isn’t good for the band.

-Are you breaking up me? I looked at him and the tears started to fall down my cheeks, he can’t be serious!

-No, I just think it’s best if we’re taking a break, I wouldn’t be able to see you in months cause you can’t come with us on the tour. I love you, but this is for the best!

-Why are you doing this to me? My whole body was shaking
Harry was crying too, he just looked at me, but he didn’t say anything. Like he was waiting for me to go away, disappear from his life.

-I thought you loved me!

-I do.

-Wrong. If you’d love me you wouldn’t do this to me! I looked at him but he didn’t seem to care about what I said, just like he wanted me to go away.
I turned around and downstairs and ran into Anne.

-Sweetheart, what have happened? She stroked my hair.

-Why don’t you ask your asshole to son that question? I kept on crying and got out of their house, I slowed down and fell down on the grass crying. I lied there for hours and after a while I started walking home. As soon I got inside the door I huddled up in my dad’s chair with a blanket over me and just kept on crying. How could he do this to me?

The door opened and my dad came in, he squinted at me and then he dropped all of the grocery bags on the floor and came against me.
-Honey, what have happened?

-You had right about Harry. I gave a sob

He gave me a hug and went out in the kitchen to make me a cup of warm chocolate, and then he came back with the cup and season 2 of One Three Hill.

-Thanks dad.

He got up to his office to do some work and I put in the first disc in the dvd player and took a sip of the chocolate, you can at least pretend everything is okay.


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