Daily Story Challenge-Month 4-Christmas Time

Here's the December 2012 DSC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a small notice:
This is being published in January because I took part in No Movella December.


32. Day 31

The chill of the ice lake,
And satin beds of snow,
Frail as a snowflake,
Wherever the shattering storm may go.


Colder and colder,
We go inside,
Hiding in shelter,
From this icy storm's tide.


The winter may be warm and gentle,
Coals in the fireplace simmer and glow,
Windows adorned with fragile icicles,
But where do, those winter blues go?


Sad, sweet, or stormy,
Whatever this season may be,
Bring joy a plenty,
And a glamorous season you will see.

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