Daily Story Challenge-Month 4-Christmas Time

Here's the December 2012 DSC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a small notice:
This is being published in January because I took part in No Movella December.


4. Day 3

The store's shelves were almost empty, with Christmas Day 'just around the corner', as the smiling cashier had told her. She almost leapt out and strangled the woman - but that wouldn't be respectful of 'the christmas spirit'. Sighing, she strolled out of the door and trudged along the pavement. Maybe it was okay to hang back a bit, especially if her mum was in another one of her trances. The street lights had begun to dim as natural morning light took over, but it was still a rather dull morning, and everything seemed to be painted with a thin layer of grey. The river flowed by in the background, and she strolled over the road, onto the bridge that lead into the wilder side of her town. She'd come here sometimes, just alone, to get away from everything.

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