Daily Story Challenge-Month 4-Christmas Time

Here's the December 2012 DSC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a small notice:
This is being published in January because I took part in No Movella December.


3. Day 2

"Oh, get up, Viccie!" her mother hissed, venom in her voice, the next morning.


"No 'but's, lady, get up and go shopping," she snapped. Victoria had been doing that since she was old enough to go out on her own, it was the only way anyone ate properly, seen as her brother thought it funny to get whatever the hell he wanted when he was given the responsibility of doing the shopping. She remembered the first time she talked about shopping with the girls at school. What a shock it had been when they told her that their mums did it all... And ever since then, life had been a micture of doubt and confusion. And bad christmases. Dragging herself from melancholy thoughts, she stood and turned to the dilapidated 'second hand' bedroom she came home to every night.

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