Daily Story Challenge-Month 4-Christmas Time

Here's the December 2012 DSC. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a small notice:
This is being published in January because I took part in No Movella December.


2. Day 1

(This is going to be entirely a 15-part christmas story, then 15 equal poems. Then the 31st's entry will be a New Year's Special.)


Light from the fireplace buzzed about the room, but the spirit didn't quite descend on Victoria's house. The tree was bare, the few shining decorations flickering in and out, on the verge of extinguishing. Definitely no Christmas spirit around here, huh? Just the empty promise of another lonely, dreadful christmas. Her mum would be moping, and her brother would probably get arrested again - as if this season was just the same as the others.

I suppose it is, in their eyes, she thought, letting out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. I'd give everything up to have a happy christmas.

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