Happy Endings

Brittney: growing up for me was harder than most... I was teased, bullied and had troubles at home. But having the boys around really helped me.. Yes one direction. Well louis and i, we go way back. And with all these screaming girls and away tours i have manged to stay close... And maybe i have become to close... Am in love? I cant be! Can i?
Leta: mum gone dad never here always away at college... Thats me i never really had a mum.. She died a while back. I moved with my dad a year after her death and well... Met my best friends... More like family. Im not a girly girl, i hate school, i hate everything math reading wise so basically im opposite of me best friend brittney. Haha well i have had a HUGE crush on one irish idiot who is also my best friend:)

Comment on how you think im doing<3 thanx -brit


5. Lou

Brittney's POV:
"Hey sam... How are you?" I spoke softly. My sister was laying on a hospital bed. Blue sheets covering her scars and bruises. Her black hair fell softly down her shoulders, her wrists covered with hospital bands. I forced the tears back as lou and i walked in. Her eyes stared blankly at the plain white wall in front of her. There was not much in the room. A few chairs, a small tv, a dresser, a sink, and a door to the bathroom. I felt lou grab a hold of my hand and squeeze a little. Looked back at him in shock. I could tell her was fighting the tears back as well. I walked up to my sister. Her eyes quickly darted to me. She was scared at first, then i watched as her chocolate brown eyes soften as she saw who it was. I smiled slightly. She smiled back. I let go of louis's hand. I moved in to give my sister a small hug. I pulled away and stood next to louis who seemed a little down. I grabbed a hold of his hand and squeezed as he did to me. "Hey sam you remember louis..." I said. She nodded and smiled at him. I felt him relax a little and give her a smile back. "Hey sam... Its been a few months..." He quietly said. Her smile faded and nodded a little. My sister was only 16 when she was put in to the hospital for the first time, she is now 18. I sighed at the thought of it being 2 years since she was but in her. She was let out a few time to only have to come back. She cant really talk or walk anymore. She can understand us and she can write but she just cant seem to get the words out. I have spent 2 years helping her try to talk but we have only got so far as her name. Lou and i spent at least a hour or two with my sister before we left. "Ill have to come more often" lou said as we walked through the glass doors of the building. I nodded my head. We walked out side and to louis's car down the row a little ways. When we reached a gray range rover i hoped into the passenger seat. Once we were both in lou turned the engine on and we backed out. "Where are we going now?" I asked as we turned down a street the was dark. "Somewhere" he said with a grin painted on his face. I ignored him and watched the trees pass by as we drove down the street. We turned down onto a small hill and louis parked. I got out of the car jumping as i slide out and jugged to catch up with louis. We were out on an over look. You could see almost all of London. It was around 3 so the sun was still out. Louis sat down under the large oak tree at the edge of the hill. His back leaning up against the large stump. I sat down next to him. He stared off into the distance.. Something was on his mind. "Lou whats wrong? Why did you take us here?" I asked placing my right hand on his shoulder. He shook it off. His head dropped and i heard him sigh. "Do.. Do you like harry?" He asked his voice soft and muffled. "What?" I asked my head tilted to see his eyes. "Do you fancy harry?" He asked again bringing his head. His hair out of place and his eye filled with concern. I sighed. "Look lou, i said yes to a date with him because i dont know my feelings right now its all messed up and if i go out on a date with harry i could maybe find my feelings for him... I dont know lou its just to see how i feel" i said lowering my head. I felt a warm hand get placed down on top of my cold hand. I looked up, eyes locking with the blue eyes if my best friend. Foreheads hovering so close noses touching. His soft skin skimming my own. My mind blank no words coming out. My eye lids becoming heavy and soon shutting leaving me to feel his hot breath tickle my skin on my cheeks. I pulled away opening my eyes to see the grin on his face. I giggled before pushing my self up with my arms. He soon did the same. I ran back to the car, lou hot on my tracks, my wavy hair blowing in the wind with each step i took before lou caught up and wrapping his strong tan arms around my waist lifting me off the ground and spinning us in a circle before planting my feet back onto the soft earth. I turn around wrapping my arms around louis's neck his arms locking around my waist. A smile creeping on to my lips. I let go and slipped out of louis's lose grip. I giggled before jumping into the car. Still standing there louis smiled at me before slowly walking to the car and getting in. ~*~ "i had fun.. Thank you" i softly spoke. My hands were tucked under my legs. The engine still running. "Anytime... Ill see you tomorrow" lou replied with a smile painted across his face. I nodded before taking my hand out from under my legs and opening the door and getting out of the car and shutting the door. I turned and blew a kiss to louis before i left. I watched as he drove away. I smiled and replied in my head what had happened a few hours earlier. I turned the door knob of my front door and stepped in. I shut the door and pressed my back to the door and slide down a smile always on my face. "Brit is that you?" I heard my mum's voice ask. "Yea mum im home!" I yelled to her. "Will you come here some one is here for you" she yelled back. I groaned and got up. I walked to the living room to see my mum. Then another face turned around. "Leta?"
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