Happy Endings

Brittney: growing up for me was harder than most... I was teased, bullied and had troubles at home. But having the boys around really helped me.. Yes one direction. Well louis and i, we go way back. And with all these screaming girls and away tours i have manged to stay close... And maybe i have become to close... Am in love? I cant be! Can i?
Leta: mum gone dad never here always away at college... Thats me i never really had a mum.. She died a while back. I moved with my dad a year after her death and well... Met my best friends... More like family. Im not a girly girl, i hate school, i hate everything math reading wise so basically im opposite of me best friend brittney. Haha well i have had a HUGE crush on one irish idiot who is also my best friend:)

Comment on how you think im doing<3 thanx -brit


4. Leaving

Tuesday afternoon-
Leta's POV- "leta!!" I hear my dads loud and annoying voice. I lumbered down the gray carpet stairs. I...2...3... I count the stairs as i make my way down the 16 steps. "Yes dad?" I say in a sarcastic happy voice. "Dont give me attitude" he yells at me. I roll my eyes. "You need to get ready if you are going out." He comments. I look down at what i was wearing. Crap! Im still in my pjs. "Anyway im leaving for a few weeks and you wont be able to stay here alone because i have some people coming to check out the heater so do you think you could stay at your dorm or brit's?" He asked. We were in the hallway. A suitcase in one hand of his and the keys to his range rover in the other. He was in one of his best suits and dress shoes. "What! Where are you going? What am i going to do for the rest of the summer! Ugh... Dad you cant leave me all alone. This is my only time i spend with you..." I yelled at him. Tears building in my eyes. "I have to go out to America for a job offer..i dont want to leave either but if it means more money than i have to go for it... I love you leta and i will call and facetime as much as i can.. I know it is the only true time we get with each other but i have to go... Call brit stay with her and her parents till you guys have to go back to your dorm" he says in a calm voice. It calmed me down. I dropped my head to the floor. I felt him plant a kiss on my head. "Bye leta i love you ill talk to you soon" he said. I stayed in the same position before i heard the door close. I let a tear escape my eye. I watched it as it fell to the floor building up speed with each second it fell soon it hit the carpet close to my foot. I wiped away the remains of the tear and ran up the stairs and into my room. I grabbed my suitcase and stomped over to my wardrobe and grabbed all the hanging clothes and shoved them into my black suitcase that was laid out on the green comforter on my bed. Next was my pants. My socks and under wear followed. Tears were now streaming down my face. I grabbed everything from the bathroom my dad and i shares when i was here. I zipped up the suit case and wiped away a few last tears that managed to get its way out and i grabbed my phone and called brit. As the phone was ringing in my ear i grabbed the suit case and dragged it down the stairs. The phone still ringing. Soon i found my self out side of the house all my things with me and shoving them in to the back seat of my bmw. The phone went straight to voice mail. I stomped over to the drivers door and swung the door open. I hopped in and threw my phone in the passenger seat. I shoved the silver key into its hole and turned. The engine roared to life. I backed out and drove out of the street. Tears were now replaced with anger. I pulled up into brit's street and counted the houses as they went by 1..2..3..4! Brit's parents home. Since school was out for the summer we stay with our parents. I pulled up into the driveway. The house was huge. It was white with a 3 car garage with a black roof. I walked up the 3 step to the white wooden door. I took a few deep breaths before knocking. I tried not to let my angry show as mrs. Barger answered the door.
"Leta! What are you doing here?" She said pulling me into a hug. She was like a mum to me... Actually i consider her as a mum to me.
"Hey mum..." I say. Ever since my mum passed away i have spend a lot of my time here and i started a habit of calling her mum. "Whats wrong sweet heart you seem a bit down." She says pulling me into the house and into the huge living room. I sit down on the black leather couch. The room had dark wooden floors and a white glass table between the two leather couches. The tele was mounted to the wall that was painted a baby blue. I feel her sit next to me. "Now tell me leta whats wrong?" She says with concern flooding her words as she spoke. She was a beautiful lady. She has dark brown hair that was still amazingly thick. She look 26 but was really 40 and never had work done. She was wearing a dark blue v-neck t-shirt and some light blue jeans. "My dad left me to go to America for a job.. He left me all alone and told me to stay with someone else..." I said tears were slowly running down my face. "Aww sweet heart you are always welcome here... Did you bring your things?" She asked her hand on my thigh. I nodded in response. 
"Brit does this look okay?" I ask brit as i turned away from the mirror to face her sitting at the edge of the bed. I was wearing some ripped jeans and a nice flowey yellow tank. My hair was down into its natural waves to the left side. My glasses were replaced with contacts and had some light makeup on. She nodded. I spun around one last time to take a look at my self before i left to go on my first date with Niall. I let out a sigh before slipping on my white vans and brushing my hair one last time. I walked up to brit and pulled her in for a hug. I grabbed my black purse and phone before hurrying out the front door. I saw Niall leaning up against the door of his range rover. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. "Hey beautiful" he said with his thick irish accent. "Hi" i said blushing. He opened the car and i shuffled into the seat. I watched as Niall ran around the front of the car to his door. I watched as he shuffled into his seat to the right if me. "You ready?" He asked looking into my eyes. I nodded.
~author's note!~
Hey! Sorry it has taken me so long to write this... I have been caught up in volleyball school friends everything.. Well im back and i hope you enjoy the chapter i hope to write a lot more soon<3 please leave comments and tell me how im doing:) if you have any ideas that you think would be good to put in i would love to hear from you guys and see if i could put most of the ideas in!! If you get put in ill make sure to give you a shoutout at the end of the chapter:) :) well thanx to everyone and love you all -brit<3 
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