Happy Endings

Brittney: growing up for me was harder than most... I was teased, bullied and had troubles at home. But having the boys around really helped me.. Yes one direction. Well louis and i, we go way back. And with all these screaming girls and away tours i have manged to stay close... And maybe i have become to close... Am in love? I cant be! Can i?
Leta: mum gone dad never here always away at college... Thats me i never really had a mum.. She died a while back. I moved with my dad a year after her death and well... Met my best friends... More like family. Im not a girly girl, i hate school, i hate everything math reading wise so basically im opposite of me best friend brittney. Haha well i have had a HUGE crush on one irish idiot who is also my best friend:)

Comment on how you think im doing<3 thanx -brit


2. Hurt

Leta's POV
I was sitting in the brown booth of Nandos with my 6 best friends in the whole world. I had Zayn to my right and Niall to my left. Brit was at the left end with louis to her right and Niall next to him. Liam and Harry were next to the self loving Zayn. We had already ordered and were waiting for our food to come out of the kitchen and on to the wooden table which was pinned to the floor. I watched as harry and liam thumb wrestled and Zayn cheering Liam on. Niall was tweeting on his phone. I watched as Louis slowly leaned into Brit and cupped his hand around brit small delicate ear and whispered some thing. I watched as Brits hazel eyes formed tears as she force fully held them back before cupping her hand around louis's rather larger ear and whisper something before slowly pull away. Louis nodded his head and turned his head to liam and harry who were still thumb wrestling. I watch as brit looked down at her lap. He sat there for a little before i saw one small innocent tear fell straight from her eye and through the air till it reached her denim jean that we got together at the mall a few blocks from her house. She lifted her hand quickly reaching her face and wiping her eyes before looking back up. I watched as she put a smile on her face acting like nothing ever happened but she was hurting on the inside. Her hazel eyes full of hurt as her smile hiding the fact she was hurting. I took a deep breath. As i let out the big heavy breath i relaxed knowing if it was something i needed to know she would tell me. We are best friends. More like sisters. I have always wanted a sister. I was close to having one well i did have one i guess. My mum passed away during labor with my younger sister still inside. We all knew that she had a weak heart and when i was born we were lucky that she and i made it out okay. But with my younger sister she wasn't as lucky neither was my mum. At 6 years old watching as your mum died not even strong enough to push my sister out. I was escorted out of the room as my dad stayed by my weak mum. I was taken away but a young nurse and she put me with my grandmum. I may have been 6 but i knew full well what was happing at the time. My mum weak. My dad by her side as her heart slowly gave out. It was not to soon later her heart gave, shutting down. The baby still inside the doctors had to get her out but by the time they did she died. Tears streaming down my fathers face as he slowly walked out of the room. Picking me up off my grandmum's lap and into his strong arms. Squeezing me tight. I knew by the way he held me and looked into my dark brown eyes i knew they were gone. That next year he moved me to Doncaster. Where i met my best friends and my new family. We lived in a small apartment with two rooms one for me and one for him. I would cry my self to sleep and my dad tried to comfort me. Soon i just shut the world out. I did what brit does i put a smile on my face hiding the hurt that was slowly eating me away. Day by day getting worse and worse as my mum and sis we never coming home. Brit and i would talk and i would tell her everything. She help so much and lou made me laugh cheering me up. Then when lou moved to London brit and i could not live so far away from lou and my dad could tell. He moved into an apartment a few blocks down from downtown getting a job at the fire station. Brit moved as well i guess she was convincing as well. My thought was interrupted as the blond waitress set plated of food in front of us ask if we needed anything and left our table leaving me a plate full of food. I watched as Niall shoved food down his throat. He was so cute. ~*~ we got back to lou and hazza's flat brit seemed better. I smiled at the thought. Harry and Liam raced through the front room passed the kitchen through the kitchen back door and down the hall and up the spiral stair case and into the game room. Zayn walked as he went to go watch what was about to happen in game room between those two. Niall and i walked in to the kitchen.
"Thanx for lunch" i said and smiled as i lifted my self up and on the the marble counter top of the kitchen.
"No problem" he said and sat next to me on the counter. I looked down at my feet. My long chocolate color brown wavy hair draped down both sides of my head and over my shoulders reaching the length of my mid tummy. I was wearing ripped denim jeans with a blue tank top and a plaid blouse. I was wearing my black vans. I felt a large hand place on my right shoulder. I looked up an saw Niall smile at me before letting his hand drop back down to the counter. I smiled back at him. I heard the front door open and lou and brit come in. Louis's arm was slung over brits shoulder her to his left. They walked in laughing. I saw brit smile at me before he let his arm drop and they walked to the three big glass windows that one had a door leading to the balcony. His large hand lifting from his side grabbing a hold of the silver handle before pushing it down and pulling the glass door open leading brit out side. I watched as the door shut before putting all my attention back one Niall. 
"Leta can i tell you something?" His thick irish accent coming out as he spoke the six words.
"Of course" i said, my thick british accent coming out as i spoke my voice was much higher.
"Leta i really like you" he said as his head dropped looking at his white nikes dangled off the counter top.
His cheeks slowly turning pink as he blushed.
"I like you too" i said putting my small hand on his left shoulder. His head lifted up showing me his deep blue eyes that showed his personality each time you looked into them. 
"Leta i really like you. More than friends" he said making 'really' long and slow.
"I know Niall i really like you too" i said doing the same as he did with 'really'.
"Leta, we have beed best friends for a long while now and i have gotten to know you. Please i would like to take you out on a date you and me" he said cheeks fully flushed with pink. A small smile plastered on his face showing a small bit of his clear braces. I nodded. His smile grew bigger as my head dropped down looking at my small feet compared to his. My cheeks full of pink as well. His big hand cupping my chin making my face look at his. We smiled as his hand dropped.
"How about tuesday two days from now." He said. I nodded lost for words as my head was filled with joy and thought of the beautiful irish boy in front of me.
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