Happy Endings

Brittney: growing up for me was harder than most... I was teased, bullied and had troubles at home. But having the boys around really helped me.. Yes one direction. Well louis and i, we go way back. And with all these screaming girls and away tours i have manged to stay close... And maybe i have become to close... Am in love? I cant be! Can i?
Leta: mum gone dad never here always away at college... Thats me i never really had a mum.. She died a while back. I moved with my dad a year after her death and well... Met my best friends... More like family. Im not a girly girl, i hate school, i hate everything math reading wise so basically im opposite of me best friend brittney. Haha well i have had a HUGE crush on one irish idiot who is also my best friend:)

Comment on how you think im doing<3 thanx -brit


3. Give it a try

Brittney's POV
I walked out onto the balcony with Lou. As he opened the glass door i sneaked a smile at Leta. She smiled back before i slipped out the door and on to the patio. My vans making contact with the patio. My vans making contact with the ground with every step i took while making my way the to the black steal railings. I laid the palm of my hands down on the top of the steal before wrapping 10 small fingers around the bar and looking across London. I saw in the corner of my eye Lou do the same as i just did to the right of me. I turned my head to see Lou looking across London. His eyes sparkled as he blinked. I smiled at the boy next to me. It was only 3 in the afternoon so there was still the light from the sun shining down on the world. He turned his head. His turned to face me. His eyes sparkling as he closed his eyes in a blink. I turned my body so i was leaning on my left side facing lou. He did the same but facing me. 
"Its beautiful out here" i said slightly taking my eyes off Lou and looked at the city then back at Lou. He had a smile pasted on his face. "Brit..." He hesitated to say. His head dropped. Strains of brown hair fell out place. I watched as he fixed the strains putting them back in their place. His head lifted up his eyes sparkled as he kept his eyes on mine. 
"Brit... I want to ask you something" he asked. He seemed a little hesitant with the words that came out of his mouth. I nodded encouraging him to continue. He sighed. "Lou what is it" i urged him to continue. He was struggling to get the words out. "I-I was w-wondering if i-i could come with you next time you go see sam" he struggled to say. Tears forming in his eyes as he quickly wiped them away then looked at me again. I nodded. Tears formed in my eyes. I stepped back from the railing and sat on the couch out side. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my knees placing my head between the knees. Letting the tears fall from my face. I felt the cushion next to me sink down. I didnt look up i knew it was lou. "I know she is hurting" he said putting his large hand on my small shoulder. I cried harder. Sam my sister has been hurting every since that day. I sighed. "Im starting to understand some things she has said to me" i said bringing my head up and looking at lou with tears in my eyes he was a bit blurry. He nodded. I have heard some things but they were muffled and not clear but recently i have heard things that are clear enough for me to make out. "She said she was ok" i said fighting back the tears. He wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head on his shoulder. "Thats good" he said. I sighed. "Im going on tuesday" i said. "Ok great ill pick you up and we will head over there ok" he said. I nodded. We sat there on the couch. My head on Lou's shoulder his head on my head. We sat there not talking my eyes closed. I jumped when the door opened and Harry came out side. "Whats going on" he asked. His curls in place perfectly. I stood up and lou did the same. "Talken" Lou replied. Harry nodded. "May i talk to brit?" Harry asked. Lou and i nodded. Harry took my hand and lead me inside and down the hall to a room. We walked in and he closed the door behind him. "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" I ask hearing my british accent come through with each word. "Oh... Um... Well i wanted to actually wanted to know something" he struggled to get the words out. His raspy voice spoke the words slow and deep. "And that would be" i urged him to continue. It felt like the boys have been weird the past week. I could not put my finger on it but i knew something was up. "Well we are best friends alone with the others right?" He asked. His eyes looking into mine as i sat on the bed and he sat next to me. "Well of course what does that have to do with anything?" I said confused with the question he asked. "And no matter what happens we always will be?" He asked. Concern flooding his green eyes as i hesitated to answer. "Yes no matter what" i was starting to wonder what this was leading up to. Did the boys do something that would make me mad and not want to be friends with them? My thought was interrupted by the sound of a curly heads raspy voice begin to talk again. He sighed before continuing with his sentence. "Ok... Brit we have been friends for a very long time... And well i have um... Grown to uh... Sorta.. Develop feeling for you..." He hesitated to say. My mind was blank. He has feelings for me. My head dropped so that my brown wavy hair was on each side of my face and i was looking at my shoes. I felt harry's large hand place on my upper back. I look at him. His green eyes sparkled. I sighed. "Brit i wanted to tell you" he said dropping his hand and placing it back on the bed. His head dropped as well. His curls hanging above his eyes draped down. I sighed letting my mind wander at the thought of harry and i. I got off the bed and stood in front of harry. His head lifting up so he could look into my eyes. I knelt in front of him. My jeans on my knees making contact with the tan carpet in the room. "Harry i love you... But as a friend" i said looking in his eyes. He nodded. I could tell he was sad but expecting it. He nodded. I smiled at him showing my teeth. He did the same the dimples popping out. I stood up and kissed him on the cheek before leaving the room. I sighed. I let the thought of me and harry out of mind. I felt bad i mean harry was cute and a great friend ugh. I dont know what to do. I walked into the front room an found leta and niall cuddling on the couch. I giggled. I knew this was bond to be. I walked over to them my vans making a small sound on the dark hard wood floor with each step. "Um Niall can i steel Leta for a minute?" I asked now in front of them. He nodded. Leta got up and we walked out the front door and into the hall. "What is it i was hanging with Niall" leta asked. Her hair fallinf over each side of her shoulders. Her glasses perfectly on her nose. "Well i just told something that shocked me" i said dropping my head. "What happened?" She asked, concern flooded her words. I felt her hand gently place on shoulder. "Well harry told me.. He like me.. And well
I may like him but i dont know" i said my head still looking at the tan carpet in the hall. "Well i think its cute and you should try" i heard her say. I looked up at her. I smiled and nodded. She let her hand drop from my shoulder. I opened the door and we walked back in. I saw Liam in the hall way. "Li have you seen Harry?" I asked. "Ya he went to his room. He looked a bit sad" he said. I nodded and ran up the stairs. I did not bother knock. I twisted the silver nob and pushed the white wood door open. Harry was laying on his bed his hands on his face and legs dangling off the end of the bed. "Harry?" I said as i stepped into his room. He took his hands off his eyes and looked at me. He sat up swung his legs around and patted the spot next to him. I slowly shut the door and sat next to him. His orange comforter sinking down as i sat. "Harry i would like to try" i said dropping my head to look at my feet. "What?" He asked confused. "I would like to give us a try" i said. I lifted my head to look at him. He had a smile painted on his face. I smiled back. He took my hand and planted a soft kiss on it. "Thursday at 8 ill pick you up" he said. I nodded looking into his eyes. They were beautiful. I got up and smiled at him before exiting. I walked. Down the wood stairs and saw Lou at the table. I walked over to him and sat next to him. "Hey" i said. He looked at me and smiled. "Hi" he replied. "What harry want?" He asked. "He wants to take me on a date" i said looking down at our hands. I grabbed his hand and began playing with it. "What did you say" he asked. "I said ya" he seemed a bit sad with my reply. He pulled his hand away. I looked at him with concern. "Oh" was all he said. "Whats wrong" i asked. "Nothing its nothing" he said looking down at his hands. "Its something i want to know" i said pulling his chin back up to meet my eyes. "Ill tell you another time" he said. "Whatever" i said and dropped my hand. I gave him a small smile.
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