Happy Endings

Brittney: growing up for me was harder than most... I was teased, bullied and had troubles at home. But having the boys around really helped me.. Yes one direction. Well louis and i, we go way back. And with all these screaming girls and away tours i have manged to stay close... And maybe i have become to close... Am in love? I cant be! Can i?
Leta: mum gone dad never here always away at college... Thats me i never really had a mum.. She died a while back. I moved with my dad a year after her death and well... Met my best friends... More like family. Im not a girly girl, i hate school, i hate everything math reading wise so basically im opposite of me best friend brittney. Haha well i have had a HUGE crush on one irish idiot who is also my best friend:)

Comment on how you think im doing<3 thanx -brit


1. Sucks to suck

Brittney's POV
I woke up to buzzing. It turns out it was my phone. I grabbed my white iPhone 4s and slide the button to answer. "Hello?" i answered.
"Brit brit!"i heard the person on the other end scream.
"Lou really its 10 in the morning! You know i dont get up until 10:30" 
"Well sucks to suck now doesn't it"
"Ugh what do you need now that im awake"
"Can you come over? Please"
"Fine ill be over in 20 minutes dont die while im gone" 
"Ill try my hardest"
"Dont try do"
"But but"
"Lou the longer you whine the longer it takes me to get there"
"Ok bye"
"Bye" i hung up the phone and slowly pulled my blue comforter off me and made my way out of the bed. I went to my wardrobe and grab a pair of skinny jeans that wear ripped and blue top that was big but tight at the bottom. I brushed my long wavy brown hair and braided it to the right side and let my bangs fall out. I put on some light make up and put on my mint green shoes before i made my way down stairs. I trudged down the 14 wooden stairs to the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table and leaned my head back and groaned. 
"Your up early" my dad said as he was eating some pancakes that my mum made.
"Lou called and woke me up. He wants me to come over" i said and lifted my head up to face my dad.
"Oh haha well suck it up" my dad said.
"Thanx dad love ya too" i teased.
"Sweet heart tell him to shut up and leave you alone till you wake up" my mum said.
"And you dont think i haven't already tried that. Mum its louis tomlinson the boy that was the loudest kid in kindergarden and what ever the teacher said he refused and ran around screaming 'I AM SUPER MAN!'" I told her and she giggled.
"Well then im not going to feel sorry for you" my mum said.
"I know" i said.
"Well do you want some pancakes?" My mum asked.
"Ill just pick something on the way." I replied and got up and kissed my mum on the cheek and my dad as well. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I walked out to a bright sunny say in London. I love London. I have live in England my whole life. I use to live in Doncaster. Thats were i met Louis. Yes Louis Tomlinson 1/5 of one direction. We were in the same kindergarden class and louis was the loud one and never listened and me i was the girl who sat in the corner of the class reading a book. Thats still me and thats still him. One day he came up to me and took my book away from me.
~flash back~
It was the first day of kinder garden and we were taking a break."Hey! I was reading that!" I yelled at him. Trying to get my book back from louis.
"Why are you reading?" He asked in his 5 year old boy voice.
"Becuz may i please have it back?" I asked tears forming in my eyes.
"Im sorry here you go" he said and handed the book back.
"Thank you" i said and sat back down. He sat down next to me.
"So whats your name? Im louis the tommo tomlinson" he said.
"Hi louis im brittney" i said and put the paper sticky note in the place i was reading and shut my book.
"Do you have any friends?" He asked.
"Um no" i said back blushing a little.
"You wanna be friends?" He asked.
"Sure" i said and smiled. He smiled back.
"So what are you reading?" He asked me and took my book in his hands.
"Um its called 'the carrie diaries'" i replied.
"This is a big book" he said examining the book.
"I got it from my mum its a first grade book" i said blushing a little.
"Oh your smart" he said.
"I guess" i said.
"You wanna play with me? We can play blocks if you want?" He asked with hope in his eyes. I nodded. I put my book down on my desk and he grabbed my hand and he lead me to the blocks.
~end of flash back~
Ever since then we have been the best of friends. Then in the 3rd grade i was with Lou and the swings when the new girl Leta came up to us and asked us to play. We agreed and the three of us have been the best of friends and when lou was put in a group on the XFactor he introduced us to the boys and now the 7 of us are best friends and do almost every thing together. I stopped at Starbucks on the way and got me a java chip and lou and leta the same and the other boys their favorites and i got me some thing to eat. When i pulled up the Lou and Hazza's flat. I grabbed everything and walked up the 20 flights of stairs. I am extremely afraid of elevators. When i reached their flat i knocked three times. I heard laughing and foot steps coming down the stairs to the door. Then the wooden door opened and appeared Louis on the other side.
"Brit brit!" He screamed and took some drinks. I walked into his flat and walked through the front room and up the step to the kitchen and set down everything. Not soon after i heard more foot steps come down the spiral stair case and in to the kitchen. Then appeared Niall Horan who took his drink right away. Then Harry Styles who gave me a hug and told me thank you before grabbing his. Liam Payne who kissed my cheek and grabbed his. Zayn Malik who thanked me an grabbed his. Lastly Leta Bevans who hugged me and greeted me and grabbed hers. Lou already had his but hugged me and kissed me cheek. I grabbed mine and i followed the boys up stairs to the game room. Leta and i were in the back following the boys. When we reached the game room Harry and Louis quickly jumped onto the green and yellow bean bags and grabbed the two x box controllers and began playing call of duty. Zayn and Liam were playing ping pong in the right corner of the room and Niall was sitting on the couch sucking down his drink. I giggles as i watched Niall get a brain freeze and his face squeezed tight. Leta and I sat on the light brown couch next to him.
"You ok love? You look a little cold" leta teased.
"Not funny it hurts" he said and gave her a teasing mad look. We all laughed. I watched as Lou and Hazza killed people in the game. I saw Niall and Leta talking and Liam beating Zayn at ping pong. I took out my phone and punched in my passcode. 0314. It clicked open and a picture of the 7 of us at the zoo came up as my wallpaper. I scrolled through my phone till i reached the page that had the app. E books. I clicked on it. Not soon later words appeared on my screen. I began to read my book 'Un hooked' i was peacefully reading my book on the couch when Lou grabbed my phone out of my hands. 
"Really every time!" I told him as i reached for my phone.
"No! Jimmy protested" lou read.
"May i please have it back?" I asked.
He handed my phone.
"Only because you said please" he said and sat between leta and i.
"Are you really going to read?" He asked looking in to my eyes.
"Well i was but then someone had to go head and take my phone away from me and now i cant" i told him. I looked into his beautiful green eyes.
"Are you mad?" He asked and gave me a pouty face. 
"Ugh no i cant be mad at you" i said and hugged him. He kissed my cheek.
"Thanx love" he said and smiled. We all headed down stairs and i sat down on the couch in the living room. Liam sat next to me.
"Hey love" he said. I smiled and hugged him.
"Hey li" i replied as i pulled away from the hug. We all sat down and talked about random things.
"Schools starting soon are you guys going?" Leta said. We were out of high school. I was 20 now and have been in college for about 2 years out of the 8 i need in order to become a vet. Leta was the same age and we wanted to be vets together. The boys were excepted to the same college and have been going every day they can. When they are on tour they take online classes. They were only going for 4 years but they had their future already set out for them.
"Uh ya i am" liam said.
"I am too" niall and zayn said together.
"Yea im going" harry said.
"Do i have to" lou whined.
"No but its either go or online classes" i told him.
"Ill go" he said still whining. I giggled. After that it was getting towards lunch and we all went out to Nando's. 
when we got there we found a big enough table for the 7 of us. We ordered our drinks and the waiter left leaving me to all the 6 others who were all in deep conversations. 
"Hey so uh have you went to go visit your sister lately?" Lou asked sitting next to me.
"Uh ya i went a few days ago its still hard going back" i said. He nodded and that was the end of the subject. I could feel tears coming one but i forced them back.
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