Why'd He Leave?

This is a diary of a 12 year old girl during World War 2 whose single father has fled Germany to Switzerland and left her only one thing from him, an hourglass with a note on it that says, "I'll wait for you, until the end of time."


1. I miss Him

Dear Diary,

I can't find my father. At first I thought that he might have been held up by a pair of guards who wanted to check him in the streets, but when I came to my room I found a note on my bed along with an necklace with a mini  hourglass on it. All the note says is "I'll wait for you, until the end of time." I think it was my father but I don't know. My mother had a similar note but she has a full sized hourglass. Where could he be? I 'm scared he was killed. Where could he be? I miss him already. Please help me, anyone, please help me.



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