My Step-Father Shock

Hey, I'm Ella. I'm 13, and well, I'm just an ordinary girl! I have danced since I was two. I have good grades. I don't remember my father though, he left when I was a baby. Never did I know my mom was secretly going out Social Studies teacher! Read on to see what happens! (This is not a One Direction fan fiction, though I do mention them. Sorry!)


3. What?!

Ella's POV

My mom stands up and smooths out her dress. She walks over to the door. I look at her. "Who's that?" I ask. "You'll see" she smiled and went to the door. I heard her open the door.

"Hello, Michael" I hear my mom say. Who is this?! I take out my phone and check if I had any messages. One from Nate, a few forwards. I lock my phone as I hear them walking up the stairs.

He had dark brown hair that was slightly slick back. He wasn't a scrawny person, though he was not bigger. His eyes, was a dark green that could make anyone drop everything if they looked him in the eyes. Most importantly, I knew who he was.

"Mr. Johnson?!" I stared at him in shock. Why would he be at my house?! Mr. Johnson, was my Social Studies teacher.

"Hello, Ella" he smiled.

"Let's sit down, shall we?" my mom says. They both sit across from me.

"Now, your probably wondering why your teacher's here, right?"

"Um...yeah. Mom, I swear I didn't do anything wrong."

My mom giggled. "No, Ella. You see, Michael and I"

My heart stopped. It was as if everything had shut down in my body. My mother and my social studies

"" I whispered.

"Yes, we are" Mr. Johnson said.

"For how long?" I ask.

"Maybe...a year?" mom said. A Year?! They could have told me a little before a year!

"...And we were wanting your permission if...Michael lives with us?" my mom bites her lip.

"Woah. Your that serious?" I raise my eyebrows. My mom nods. I sigh quietly, so he wouldn't hear.

"Yes, you have my permission."

"Thank you Ella!" my mom says. "Now let's eat!"We eat and talk about the "new life" we are all going to have. (I just played on my phone during that.) Now Mr. Johnson is taking me to school...I'm not walking. There goes my time to talk more with Nate.

I am now suppose to call Mr. Johnson, Michael. Unless we are at school, I guess. This whole thing is supposed to be a secret, as they keep dwelling into me. I'm not a blabbermouth.

Michael would bring in his things tomorrow night and we would have supper again then go out for a movie. Great.

"Well, it was nice seeing you Mr. Johnson...I mean, um, Michael. May I be excused?" I ask.

"Yes" my mom said.

I put my dish in the sink then went to my room to pick out my outfit.

I walked out of my room to see that Michael had not left. They were now on the couch, watching a movie...KISSING!!!!

"Eww." I whisper to myself. I stand there until they finally see me and stop.

"Oh, erm...hi Ella. Where are you going?" my mom nervously asks, pushing her hair out of her face.

"Going to the movies with Nate" I say.

"Do you need a ride?"

"Nah, it's just up the street."

"Okay. When will you be back?"

"Ten maybe?"

"Okay, have fun" she said as they turned there heads to the television. I put on my shoes and coat and walk out the door.

"That was sooo weird" I giggle to myself. 

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