My Step-Father Shock

Hey, I'm Ella. I'm 13, and well, I'm just an ordinary girl! I have danced since I was two. I have good grades. I don't remember my father though, he left when I was a baby. Never did I know my mom was secretly going out Social Studies teacher! Read on to see what happens! (This is not a One Direction fan fiction, though I do mention them. Sorry!)


1. Introducing Me

Ella's POV

Hi! My name is Ella and I am 13 years old. Well...almost. I have long, curly hair and bright blue eyes. I'm quite short and small for my age, but I like that about myself.

I love to dance. I go to a studio called Janet Paylor Acadamy of Dance. I help out a lot there, and all the little kids adore me!

I don't really have a best friend. At school, everyone likes me and I like everyone too. I'm god at making friends, I guess. But I wouldn't really call myself popular.

Then, there's my family. A very complicated thing, that is. You see, my dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me. It's not a surprise because my mom was 17 when she was pregnant. I know, I know, "teen mom." But she is a very good mother. My dad's family did not approve my mom being pregnant, so I have never met anyone on my dads side. It's sad, but I try not to think about it. I switch my thoughts to dance. I'm also a huge Directioner! I love One Direction!

My birthday is tomorrow! I can't wait.

But...I think that's it about me!

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