My Mystery Girl (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

When the boys visit Brookveiw Vally for a concert and gets chased by fans Naill ends up bumping into Hope Carson. She ends up running off, but when Niall tries to find her she's no where in sight. So when Niall can't get his mind off of her, him and the boys are out to find her. Where is this mystery girl? And will Niall ever find her?


2. The Serch

Niall's P.O.V


The next morning I decided that I would HAVE to find the girl. Our tour bus had a flat. That gave me a couple more days to find the girl. I still don't know her name.

"Guy's! I'm going out for a while!" I shouted.

"Can I go?" Liam asked.

"Sure why not," I said.

I tell Liam everything anyway. I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping me. This was going to be intrusting.

"Can I go too?" Zayn asked.

"And me?" Louis said.

"Hey I don't wanna stay here alone!" Harry said.

"You can all go!" I shouted. "Though I don't know if you like what I'm doing."

"Well what are you doing?" Louis asked.

"I'm looking for that mystery girl I bumped into last night," I said and mouths dropped.

This was going to be a long day.

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