My Mystery Girl (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

When the boys visit Brookveiw Vally for a concert and gets chased by fans Naill ends up bumping into Hope Carson. She ends up running off, but when Niall tries to find her she's no where in sight. So when Niall can't get his mind off of her, him and the boys are out to find her. Where is this mystery girl? And will Niall ever find her?


3. Is it really you?

I was out the door and in the park hoping I would find her again. She was georgus. Stunning. Beautiful. I wanted her. Liam kept telling me that I was crazy for even trying to find her. I wasn't listening to him though. I never do.

"Dude she's not here! Can we go get something to eat now?" Harry asked.

"No! Not until I find her!" I said and they all gave me wierd stares.

"Niall... Passing up food? Wow we have got to find this girl," Louis said.

I groned. I was hungry and we probly wasn't going to find her. Then while we headed to the car I saw her. They girl with black hair and purplr highlights. I ran up to her and grabbed her arm. I was meet with those amazing sea blue eyes again that almost took my breath away.

"It's you," I managed to breath out. "Is it really you? Are you the girl I bumped into?"

She looked startled and nodded. It was really her.

She starte to run off again,  but I grabed her arm. She screamd.

"STOP!" I shouted and she shut up.

"Wha- what do you want?" She asked.

"I'm that guy that bumped into you earlier, I uh... Wanted to say I'm sorry," I said.

She scoffed. "Yea you should be!"

"I-" I was interupted by another girl.

"HOPE! HOPE! Come here! I think me and Lexi found something!" Yelled a girl running over to where we were.

She was maybe around 5'4 with pin straight brown hair and icey blue eyes that popped agaist her pale freckled skin. She was skinny and curvy like the other girl's. She was wearing combat boots, jeans, and a shirt that said, 'Flyleaf' on it.

"Hope..." I said. "It's such a beautiful name."

"Whoa hey who's lover boy over here?" The brown headed girl said.

"He bumped into me a couple of days ago and found me now and wanted to appologize," Hope said and then she turned to me. "Look thanks I appreciate it, but I gotta get back to work. I was suppose to done be back ten minuets ago!"

I let go off her and I felt that if I let her go we really won't see each other ever again and I couldn't let that happen. She started to walk away.

"Wait!" I said.

She turned around to face me. "What?"

"I was wondering... Maybe you'd like to go out sometime? For some coffee maybe?" I said and held my breath.

She looked at the ground and blushed. "Well... I... Uh..."

The brown headed girl interupted again. "Dude if you don't say yes I am 'cause that boys hot!"

"Yes!" Hope said. YES! She said YES!

"Oh and by the way I'm Stevey!" The brown headed girl said.

"Stevey..." Louis mumbled and we all looked at him. He looked at the ground.

Hope whispered something in Stevey's ear and she nodded with excitment.

"You guys wanna come to wear we work? We don't get much visitors," Hope said and I looked at the boys and they nodded.

"Sure!" I said.

Hope grabbed my hand and pulled me off.

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