My Mystery Girl (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

When the boys visit Brookveiw Vally for a concert and gets chased by fans Naill ends up bumping into Hope Carson. She ends up running off, but when Niall tries to find her she's no where in sight. So when Niall can't get his mind off of her, him and the boys are out to find her. Where is this mystery girl? And will Niall ever find her?


5. Did I really just ask her out?

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall has no girlfriend and I have to use the bathroom!" Harry said.

"US TOO!" The rest shouted.

Really? They were going to leave me alone with her?

While we were there alone though I learned a lot about her. She LOVES music. She sorta of emphasized that. She said that she worked as a vollenteer at where she works. She's planning on getting in Bournmouth University in England and study for music to become a singer. I told that I was from Ireland (she could kinda already tell by the voice) but that I lived in England with the boys. Once I told her I was in a band she basically flipped out.

"NO WAY! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" She shouted with a smile on her face from ear to ear wide.

"It's true! Have you ever herd of One Direction?" I asked.

"No... No I haven't.... But maybe I've herd some of there songs. Like you know on the radio or whatever."

"Ok... Let's see theres What Makes You Beautiful, Live While Were Young, Little Things, and Kiss You... Ring a bell?"

"Hmmm. OH YEA! I LOVE KISS YOU! I LOVE IT! Best song like EVER!" She said and that brought a smile to my face.

"Hey... Maybe you could... Like after one of your concerts show me around some time? If you want. I mean I really wanna know what the stage life is like! You know living it big!" She said and grabbed my hand.

"Uhhh... Sure!" I said. Her face brightened and smiled, "On one little condition!" I said and she frowned.

"What anything! Name it and I'll do it!" She said.

"If you go out on a date with me!" I said holding my breath.

"YES!" She said and kissed me.

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