My Mystery Girl (Niall Horan Fan Fic)

When the boys visit Brookveiw Vally for a concert and gets chased by fans Naill ends up bumping into Hope Carson. She ends up running off, but when Niall tries to find her she's no where in sight. So when Niall can't get his mind off of her, him and the boys are out to find her. Where is this mystery girl? And will Niall ever find her?


1. Brookveiw Vally

Naill's P.O.V

"Here we are get ready boys!" Simon yelled.

"Look at those ladies!" Harry said.

"Oh God! Here we go again," Zayn said and we all laughed.

"Soooo... This is out last stop and our tours over?" I ask.

"Yes," Simon said.

"I've loved this tour, but I can't wait to go back to England!" I said.

"Get ready to run inside boys!" Simon said.

We got out and ran, but we couldn't see the door. We ran the other way instead. We were being chased by tons of fans. We were running through the park and I wasn't looking where I was going and ran right into a girl. Paul and some other people had gotten the girls under controll and I got off the girl.

"YOU KILLED HER!" Louis shouted.

"NO I DIDN'T!" I yelled back.

The girl was pretty. Black hair with dark purple streaks in it. A sort of tan. She was skinny and curvy.

The girl moaned. "Help."

I knelt down and helped her up. Now up on the ground she was beautiful. Her hair was wavy and she stood 5'6', and had dark sea blue eyes.

"A-are you ok?" I asked and she glared at me.

"Who the hell are you? And why did you bump into me like that?" She asked firious as she got up and stormed off.

"Wait!" I yelled and ran after her.

I pushed through the crowed and looked around. The girl was gone. It was like she had vanished into thin air.

"Niall! Come on we gotta go!" Liam yelled at me.

"Coming!" I said and when I got to where they were Liam looked at me.

"Are you ok mate?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh... Yea. I guess," I said.

We did the show and it went on fine. Though I couldn't get that girl off of my mind. No matter how herd I tried. I had to find her. Tell her I'm sorry and explain myself. I don't know why, but I have too. I just can't stop thinking about her! I was going to find her. I had too.

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