The Jealousy Game (One Direction)

Skylar has always been in love with her best friend Austin, and after the night they kissed she thought that he loved her too. Little did she know he would be making out with another girl the next day. She is torn apart until she meets a lovestruck Niall Horan, and thinks she can play a game of jealousy with Austin and his girl, but what she doesn't know is that she might actually fall for him.


3. Chapter 3: Is kissing your best friend a bad idea?

We began to walk into the night, it was very cold and scary but it was comforting knowing that I was with Austin.

“So Sky Bear, you haven’t really been yourself lately, well not until tonight anyway, anything wrong?”

Should I tell him? What is he going to say? I don’t want to be a girl just begging for sympathy all the time.

“Umm, nothing really.”

“Oh, come on! I’ve known you my whole life I think I know when your out of it.”

He really cares doesn’t he?

I’m about to tell him, but am interrupted by him spinning me around so he is facing me. He grabs my hands not realizing that it makes my heart race 10x faster.

“Skylar, I am so sorry if I have not been there for you, but I am here now. Please tell me what’s going on.”

“My mom and dad are getting a divorce, there I said it!”

I ran off crying and I could hear Austin yelling my name but I didn’t want to stop. But when I couldn’t breath anymore I slowly calmed my pace and sat on the curb of the lonely sidewalk and buried my head into my knees. Not too long after, I heard footsteps.

“I’m so sorry.” He said meaning every word.

“I’m sorry too for running off like that.”

He immediately sat down right next to me, squished at my side filling my body with warmth. He wiped the tears from my eyes, and brushed the hair off my face.

“Shhh shhh, don’t be sorry! You didn’t ask for this, it just happened, and I’m so sorry.”

I looked at him with bold eyes, mascara dripping all down my face.


He cut me off and nudged his thumb on my lips, and instead of telling me to shut up, he leans in and kisses me. I feel his warm breath on my cheeks and then I feel his tender lips touch mine. We start moving in sync and he puts his hands on my neck cupping them, telling me he doesn’t want to let go. But my teeth snap down on his bottom lip on accident, causing him to shriek in pain.


Laughing? Why am I laughing?

He stared at me holding his lip like a baby. My laugh is very contagious, which causes him to burst out laughing. As we are both laughing I realize how much fun I’m having. I don’t want this night to end.

Between laughs I can hear him say,

“I think ..we.. need to..head home.”

I just give him the puppy dog look, but I know that I have to get home.


I don’t really know what just happened. I kissed my best friend…well, actually he kissed me!

Does that mean has feelings for me too?

As we walk up to the doorstep of my house he swipes my hair off my face, and kisses me goodnight.


Again he cuts me off,

“Sky! I don’t know what just happed between us, but I liked it and I had a really goodtime tonight. Don’t over think it.”

I walked into my house, excited knowing that the faster I fall asleep the faster I get to see him tomorrow.

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