The Jealousy Game (One Direction)

Skylar has always been in love with her best friend Austin, and after the night they kissed she thought that he loved her too. Little did she know he would be making out with another girl the next day. She is torn apart until she meets a lovestruck Niall Horan, and thinks she can play a game of jealousy with Austin and his girl, but what she doesn't know is that she might actually fall for him.


1. Chapter 1: Flash Forward to the bite

“I can’t believe it has come to this.” I said with a disappointing tone.

I stared into his eyes deeply, knowing that he was scared. Of course he doesn’t want me to have to live forever, but I love him and I want a life with him.

“Skylar, look at me. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Niall I can’t live without you! You have to do this.”

“Your life is just going to be so hard I can’t imagine you having so much to go through, when your so young.”

“I can handle it Niall. As long as your by my side!”

“You know I will always be by your side.”

Just staring into those big blue eyes is making me lose control, and I need to kiss him. I need to know that I am making the right decision in all of this. So I lean in. His nose nudges mine and our lips meet so perfectly like out of a fairytale. The kiss is getting heated so I pull away because I have my answer.

“This is the right choice Nialler, and I’m ready.”

Hearing these words coming from my mouth gives me the realization of what is actually happening.

“Ok Skylar, but only because I love you.”

Before I could even say it back to him I saw his eyes darken into a deep shade of blue, his veins popping out, and his eyes turning from blue to red in an instant. All I can think and feel through my whole body is fear.

Suddenly I feel his sharp teeth dig into my neck like fangs, and I know that everything will change from this point. My knees begin to shake and I feel the need to gasp for air but there isn’t any. The sky becomes dark and I fall backwards just barely catching a glimpse of Niall’s precious face.

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