You're My Kryptonite

Five best friends head to London for a gap year between High School and College to explore and get to know the city they will be living in for the next four now five years at University of the Arts London. However when they meet the one band with the five boys they each fell in love with, things leads to other and well… They’re our Kryptonite’s!


2. What I like About You


We were walking. Hand in hand. We had just finished the perfect date! Being the charming, sexy man that he is yet the shy, fun loving guy I fell in love with before I met him, he took me to Nando’s. By reading this I bet you guest who I was talking about… Niall Horan! Back to the present. After dinner he took me to the beach nearby.

His hands, strong but holding mine as if I was a delicate flower petal he didn't want to crush. I am his flower, and he is my protector yet my teddy bear at the same time. We both stop in unison and look up. The sun had set, and the sky was the perfect shade midnight blue and filled with stars. The moon was the perfect shape. Crescent like. As if we could both sit in it, my head resting on his chest listening closely to his calm and soothing heart beat.

Before I could stop myself I blurt out, “You know, you weigh less when the moon is directly above?”

“No wonder you feel like a feather in my arms”, he replies.

I stared into his deep blue/sea green eyes. I turned to be directly infront of him. I sliped my hands into the back pockets of his pants and stared up at him while he sliped one of his hands in my pants’ back pocket and the other around my waist.

“You know what I like about you?” I ask him.
“What?!?” he says nervously.
“Nothing to worry about,” I respond. “I like the fact that you’re not Niall Horan from One Direction,” I say imitating the X Factor announcer voice, “you’re that guy when you’re onstage, but when you’re offstage, with the boys, me and the girls you’re just fun loving, laughing, Nando eating Niall. And I love that about you!” I stared at the ground realizing how cheesy I just sounded.

“My turn,” he starts out. The I hear a melody, the a song that is weirdly familiar.  Then I realize he's serenading me. He was singing 'Everything About You' knowing it was my favorite song off their debut album. I guess it got his message across as well because by the time he was done I had tears of joy in my eyes.

He takes his hand out of my back pocket and lifts my head up. He pulls me closer so that there is barely an inch between us. Our lips meet and sparks fly through me. Wait, that’s and understatement. Fireworks rush through my whole body. Neither of us wants to back away. I feel frozen in time and love it. Just standing there on the beach with made me feel like it was only me him. Nothing to disturb us.

You’re probably wondering how I got here and specifically into this situation. Lets rewind a bit.

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