You're My Kryptonite

Five best friends head to London for a gap year between High School and College to explore and get to know the city they will be living in for the next four now five years at University of the Arts London. However when they meet the one band with the five boys they each fell in love with, things leads to other and well… They’re our Kryptonite’s!


1. Character Analysis and Overview


Alexis Gold:

One of the five Besties who travels to London together to have a great adventure. Being the shy and sweet one of the group she can/does take work seriously. However she does love to hang put and just have fun. When she's with the girls she never stops laughing. Aspiring to be a fashion designer/sketch artist she know she can count on her friends to be there through her blush worthy moments.


Joséphine Demos:

The wise crack and flirtatious one of the group of five, she is always taunting and being sarcastic. She can keep you one the edge of your seat. She is independent yet likes that she knows her best friends take care of her. Always defending friends, Jo (as her friends call her) is aspiring to be a fashion journalist. Words of advice: never insult Seventeen, Cosmopolitan or Marie-Claire Magazines infront of her because you may just lose a limb.


Maureen Woods:

The jokester of the quintet of girls. She just won’t stop telling jokes. Did we mention she can be totally random?!? She’s been through thick and thin with these girls and is always turning the joke on herself in awkward and embarrassing moment. Mo (as her friends call her) is just a great laugh. She can get upset at times, but knows her girls will be there to cheer her up and help her on the route of her dream to be a cartoonist.


Lâlé Ceylan:

The serious one of the five girls, she is considered the “mommy” of the group. Always giving advise and working hard. But don’t let that fool you. She knows how to let her hair down and have LOTS of fun. Having the dream of going to college with her best friends and being a performer (mostly actress) she is now living part of her dream. She has been dancing since the age of three, singing since the age of four, and acting since the age of seven.


Julia Martinez:

The mysterious one of the besties, you dont always know what she’s thinking unless you’re one of the five girls. She can come off as harsh the first time you meet her. Yet, once you get to know her she reveals herself to be one of the nicest, funniest, and coolest person you may ever meet. Having the dream of being a sculpter/painter and owning a gallery her life is on its way up.

Each of these girls has different hidden talents and hidden strengths. They have all had and amazing academic experience up until now and it is about to continue.

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