One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


12. Note From The Author :)

Note From The Author J




Hey guys! Recently my story has been getting a lot more attention than usual and my email inbox has been freaking out.


A lot of people lately have been commenting for me to update. Let me tell you, I am not one of those authors that hate when people comment that. I actually get happy when people comment that because that means people like the things that I’m writing and want more.


The only problem I have with those kind of comments, is that it makes me feel guilty for not writing.


I realize that the last time I posted a chapter was on July 10th and that since then I have made promises to write and post more chapters.


Well, that hasn’t happened.


And I’m really sorry about that.


To be completely honest, I don’t want to think about an excuse I have for not writing because I don’t want to keep making them to excuse myself from writing.


But, this time I actually have an excuse.


If you don’t want to read it, skip the next paragraphJ


Now, if you read my weekly (not so weekly) newsletters, you’ll know that I promised to write while on my vacations. Well, in Stratford, I did not have time to do anything till 11 pm at night and it was the first time being with my aunt for a while. As much as I wanted to write, I didn’t want to write while she was there because I don’t see her often, and when I write, I need to concentrate and block everything out. In between my two vacations I was struggling to finish my summer reading. When it was finally time to fly to Las Vegas, my summer reading wasn’t even close to being done. But, being my usual self, I was stupid enough not to finish it on the flight. I waited till I was actually in Las Vegas. This resulted in late nights, and well, no writing for wattpad. After I came back from my vacation, I honestly tried to avoid wattpad because I felt bad for not fulfilling my promise. A few days ago, I started high school. And that’s when I pretty much gave up on thinking I was going to update again before Christmas or Thanksgiving. Since that day, though, my story has gained a lot of attention, and I have no idea why.


Okay, end excuses! I don’t want to promise that I am going to update soon, because honestly, I probably won’t.


As some of you are aware, I have recently started high school.


And the thing about high school, is, it counts. High school counts in life.


I know a lot of you probably don’t think so, but my life is almost purely academic based.


My parents care about grades.


If I don’t get an A, my parents don’t understand why I didn’t get an A.


So high school is purely the reason I have run out of time to write. I just can’t spend time on it.


So, no, don’t expect an update soon.


I will try to write as much as I can, but as a result: one chapter may take a long time to write.


I no longer have four straight hours to sit and write a chapter.


And when I do, I want to do something active, because I’ve been sitting down all day.


I really do wish I could be like those authors that balance school and wattpad, but I jut don’t think I can be.


Thanks for your love and consideration thoughJ


Please comment down below how you found my story!


I’m really curious where all of y’all found it!


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Love you allJ


Keep on being awesome!

Nina J xx




Asking for a dedication won’t get you oneJ You have to do something I’ll remember ;)




I also haven’t been writing because I’ve been waiting for my editor. And if you’re reading this, not to be rude or anything, but I kind of hate youJ You could have told me you were never going to edit my story instead of putting it off for so long. 

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