One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


9. Chapter 8: Apologies


Chapter 8: Apologies


Harry’s POV:


“Isabella!” I screamed as she came through the door with Paul. She walked right passed me, though, and plopped on the couch without a word.


“She’s mad at you.” Paul simply stated and I rolled my eyes at him. Could it have been any more obvious?


“Who else is she mad at?” I asked with an annoyed tone.


“Everybody but Liam.” She yelled from the living room. “Of course.” I muttered. Liam came skipping down the stairs chanting some annoying thing about being Isabella’s favorite. He came in the kitchen and smirked at me before grabbing a picnic basket from the fridge.


“Danielle?” I asked. Liam nodded before coming over to me.


“Don’t try anything while I’m gone.” Liam pointed a finger at me like I was a child. Technically I'm younger than him, but he always treats me like a child. My mum tells me I can be immature, though. I put my hands up in mock surrender and he rolled his eyes at me before going to his car.


Liam’s POV:


“Is she okay Paul?” I asked after I heard them come in. He nodded without a word.


“What are you not telling me?” I asked, I could tell he was hiding something. He sighed and told me about Isabella’s pills.


“Okay, that’s fine. But why does she need them in the first place?” She didn’t seem depressed. She was a normal girl from what I knew.


“Ask her. It’s her decision whether or not to tell you.” I nodded. My phone rang then, so I couldn’t continue to question Paul.


“Hello?” I asked. It was Danielle. We had gotten back together at the MSG performance. The fans were so happy and so was I. I smiled and suggested a picnic, even though I had already planned to take her out anyway.


Niall’s POV:


I woke up from my nap after I heard the door slam. I walked out of my room to see Liam leaving. I walked downstairs into the kitchen. Gosh, I'm starving! I had seen a picnic basket in there earlier… I opened the fridge completely ignoring Harry’s stares. Where’s that picnic basket I panicked.


“If you’re looking for a picnic basket, Liam took it. He had a date with Danielle.” I groaned and closed the fridge, grabbing a bag of crisps on the way to the table. I sat down across from Harry.


“What was that slam earlier?” I questioned Harry.


“Isabella and Paul came home.” He stated. I smiled and wrapped up my crisps. Wiping my hands on a napkin I walked to the living room only to find a sleeping Isabella and Paul writing an email on his phone. He put his finger to his mouth to signal for me to be quiet. I nodded and lifted her head onto the pillow on the couch and draped a blanket over her. I walked over to Paul and sat next to him.


“What happened after I was chased by fans?” I whispered.


“She fell asleep in the bathroom at Starbucks, the barista found her and by that time I was coming to retrieve her.” Paul whispered back. They were gone for a much longer time than that, for sure. Oh, well I was asleep after all so I didn’t really know how long they were gone. I simply nodded at Paul and went upstairs to my room.


I changed into a pair of chinos and a Jack Willis sweatshirt with some Toms. I grabbed my iPhone and wallet and made my way back towards the kitchen.  I signaled to Harry that I was going out and he nodded putting his head in his hands. Jeez, he looked stressed. Wonder what’s up with him.


I ended up going to the candy store near our flat and buying a bag of candy that I assumed Isabella would like. Then I headed for the card store to pick up a card for her. I walked into the shop heading straight towards the personalized card desk.


“Hello, how may I help you?” An old lady asked. She seemed nice so I smiled and read her name tag.


“Hi…er… Patty? I was wondering if you could make me an apology card for someone.” She smiled and nodded making her way towards the back. When she came back she had a blank card.


“What would you like it to say, sweetheart?” She pulled out an order slip and positioned her pen to take my order.


“Could you put ‘I’m Sorry!’ on the card? And I on the inside write ‘I’m sorry! Can you forgive me? I’m sure you have enough of a sweet tooth to do so ;)’?” “Sure, sweetie.  Your card should be ready in about 15 minutes.” I thanked the woman and started to walk around the store.

I decided that I would apology to Isabella by myself. Harry always got away with his pranks, and besides, what’s a better way to a girl’s heart than candy and telling the truth? Harry is screwed because unless he apologizes, Isabella will probably remain mad at him. And Zayn might be a problem, though; especially if she finds out he didn’t have anything to do with the prank. I frowned but quickly turned my frown upside down when Patty called my name to give me my order.


Zayn’s POV:


‘You really messed up this time, Zayn’ I thought to myself. Why didn’t I go after her!? No wonder she’s mad at me now! I didn’t do anything! I heard the door shut for the 3rd time in the last 15 minutes and decided to make my way downstairs. I went straight towards the kitchen to find Harry trying to pull his curls out. I raised my eyebrow at him but he just nodded no and I turned towards the fridge. I grabbed water and went to the living room. Paul was on his phone and Isabella was sleeping on the couch. I pointed to her getting Paul’s attention as I sat on the couch across from him. He put his finger to his mouth and went back to his phone. I decided to go on Twitter.


I pulled out my iPhone and opened the app. At once, my notifications blew up with tweets. I read a few and tweeted back. I then searched for #zabella, that’s the name the fans had come up with for Isabella and I’s ship name after some of them spotted us on our date. Apparently we were a very popular couple, haha I wish, she’ll never say yes to me anymore. Unfortunately, Isabella was getting some hate as well. We aren’t even dating yet people still find things to hate on her about!?


I closed Twitter hoping Isabella didn’t have one so she couldn’t see the hate. I decided to text Niall. I opened up messages and started a text:


To: My Leprechaun<3


Where r u?


From: My Leprechaun<3


Just walking home from the store. Bought some things for Isabella.


To: My Leprechaun<3


For Isabella? Why?-.-


From: My Leprechaun<3


Yeah. U mad or something? She’s not urs anyways-.- I have 2 go. Bye.


I need to change his name. And who does he think he is!? Obviously I kind of called dibs on Isabella! I need to beat him. The. Game. Is. On.


Louis’ POV:


I had been pacing in my room since Niall came home from Starbucks. I finally stopped pacing when I heard Niall leave the house. I put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, I walked down the stairs to the kitchen and sat next to Harry. He didn’t notice my presence, he had his head in his hands and he was shaking his head violently in a trance. I hugged him, what was wrong with him? He turned his head. His face was streaked with tears, his face red and puffy.


“Louis.” He choked out. I nodded and hugged him again. He buried his head into my neck as a sob rocked his body. We stayed like that for a while; he needed somewhere there for him. I wasn’t sure why he was so upset, but I knew he needed a friend right now. All that Larry Stylinson shit is exactly what it is, shit. (Sorry Jordan! Thought it fit there!)


“You can leave if you want; nobody wants to be near me because I'm mean.” He sobbed.


“What do you mean?” I asked him. Is he crazy!?  I sighed and pulled him in for another hug; not leaving his side.


Harry’s POV:


It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault! I kept on repeating this in my head. When Isabella came home with Paul I had seen a bottle at the top of her purse. At first I thought nothing of it, but I was suspicious. I recognized the bottle from somewhere. And that’s when I had remembered where I had seen it. It was a drug subscription bottle from the hospital. I had fucking sent Isabella to the hospital! She has to take pills now because of me!


Liam only made it worse when he scolded me. I did do something wrong. It was my fault. It is my fault. It’s always my fault.


The worse thing, though, is that I know she’ll never forgive me if I sent her to the hospital.


Louis came down to comfort me, I'm glad he did. But it’s still my fault. And I’ll never get the girl now.


Isabella’s POV:


I had crashed on the couch the second we got home. When I finally woke up, Zayn and Paul were in the living room. Paul was on his phone and so was Zayn. Zayn was first to notice I was awake; he quickly rushed over to me.


“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Zayn took my hand in his and I pulled away. He had used me and now he expected me to just forgive him!?


“He didn’t do anything Isabella.” Paul spoke up from where he sat. My mouth opened in shock.


“You didn’t?” I stuttered out. He nodded his head no. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” I asked.


“I didn’t want you to think that I was being immature and blaming it on someone else. So I took responsibility.” He smiled down at the ground (See what I did there!).


“Thank you Zayn.” I smiled. I leaned in for a kiss, but stopped and pulled away when I heard the door close.


“Shit.” I heard Zayn mutter under his breath. Niall walked in with a bag of candy and a card and handed them to me.


“What’s this for?” I smiled sweetly at Niall. He was blushing. But I was still mad at him, but he looks so innocent though! I opened the envelope and pulled out a card. The front read ‘I'm Sorry!’ noticing the ‘I’, wasn’t it Harry and Niall’s prank? I opened the card. Inside was a very sweet message. I smiled and blushed. I looked up at Niall and thanked him. He just grinned and nodded his head.


I began to unwrap a piece of salt water taffy, when I noticed Niall smirking at Zayn and Zayn giving Niall a dirty look. They noticed, I looked between them raising an eyebrow as I popped the toffee in my mouth. I looked away when I heard a scream from the kitchen.




Author’s Note:


No new outfit this time! Sorry!


Keep on being awesome!


Nina :) xx

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