One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


7. Chapter 6: Morning Afters and Flirts

Chapter 6: Morning Afters and Flirts

Isabella's POV:

I opened my eyes cautiously, I couldn't remember if I had taken my contacts out last night or not. My eyes slid open with ease and I was relieved. Then I saw my surroundings.

Am I in Zayn's room? It took a while but my mind cleared and I remembered last night. The date, this kiss, and the 'I love you'...?

That can't be right! I'm not suppose to have any of the boys fall in love with me! But that is the last thing I remember hearing before I drifted off last night... No, can't be. I must have imagined it.

I rolled out of bed, careful not to step on any of Zayn's clothes that was on the floor. I walked over to the mirror that was in his room.

I was a mess! My hair was in knots ad my dress looked like it was a crumpled up piece over paper. I'm going to my room to change.

Zayn's POV:

I lay awake on the couch. This is probably the earliest I have ever been up! I was still tired, though, I couldn't sleep because there was some lump under me all night! I rolled off the couch with a thud. Where I had been laying previously was my phone. Great. I had lost a good nights sleep to my phone!

I walked to the kitchen to start a cup of coffee. I hear a scream from upstairs. Guess I won't be needing coffee now. I ran up the stairs to find Isabella still in her dress from last night, she was staring into her room with obvious shock on her face. Her eyebrows began to form a tight line on her forehead. She turned towards me.

"You boys planned this! Didn't you!? You get me out of the house for the night and trash my room! I am through with you boys! You have problems that cannot be solved! Act your own age for once!" She yelled at me. I stood there shocked. The next thing I knew, Isabella was walking past me with a small suitcase and her purse. I didn't stop her though. I heard the door slam. All of the boys groggily opened their doors.

"What's all the racket!?" Liam and Louis said in sync. Niall and Harry just stared at Isabella's open door and snickered.

"Well, Isabella stormed out of the house a few seconds ago after opening the door to her room." As a said this I directed a questioning glance at Niall and Harry. Liam and Louis did the same.

"What did you do this time!?" Liam shouted at Harry.

"What could I have possibly done? It was obviously Niall that caused all this chaos." Harry replied innocently while pointing a finger at Niall in a childish demeanor.

"ME!?" Niall exclaimed.

"Stop being children!" Liam exclaimed.

"Who really did this?"Louis asked. Directed mainly at Harry. Harry and Niall sighed in defeat. They both raised their hands. I, along with Louis and Liam shook our heads.

"What now?" I finally spoke up. The boys looked at Harry and Niall for a plan.

"Since it's your fault that Isabella is gone, I think it's proper that you fix the problem yourselfs." Liam explained. Niall and Harry made their way down the stairs. I presume they were going find out a way to get her back over some coffee.

Niall's POV:

Thanks a lot Harry! I sarcastically exclaimed in my head. It was his idea! Well, it is kind of my fault for not stopping him. And how could she get so mad at such a small prank anyways? She's over reacting.

"So Niall, I'll go get her I guess?" Harry had a glint in his eye. He must of heard Isabella's accusion at Zayn.

"No. You will just attempt to make a move on her!" Harry shrugged his shoulders and gestures his hand towards the door. I guess I'm going.

I made my way through the door into the pouring rain. How was I suppose to find Isabella out here!? I can't even see my own hand! I proccedded down the sidewalk anyways.

Isabella's POV:

Why!? This always happens! They always have to use me. I'm never dating again.

I looked at my surroundings, it was pouring? I don't remember that. I saw the lit up sign of Starbucks in the distance. I made my way towards it. Once in side I ordered a latte. I'm freezing! I sat down and unlocked my iPhone. I opened ip the camera app and stared at myself. I look terrible. Oh well, who am I trying to impress anyway?

I went on the Internet and searched for my country's news. I was shocked at the headline. "Princess Relia's 18th Birthday! What to Expect this Year." What!? I'm not turning 18 till November! What could today's date be!?

I quickly went to my calendar. November 3rd. My birthday is in a week.

I couldn't handle it. My body began to shake, I ran to the bathroom and locked my self in the stall.

My 18th birthday. In my country, the 18th birthday for a princess is the most important. I'm suppose to become a woman. That can't even bring me back for the most important day of my life!? I was planning my party even before I was sent to college a year and a half ago. What's worse was the picture on the article. It was someone else. They replaced me for my own party! She's wearing the dress I picked!

Fuck them, I thought. Fuck them. I don't need them! What am I thinking? Of course I need them, just look at the state I'm in! I collapsed onto the toilet with tears. After a while, I fell asleep.

Niall's POV:

I stopped. If she doesn't want to be found, why find her!? I know I don't mean that, but this is ridiculous! I saw the sign of Starbucks a little ways up the road.

I reached Starbucks, in the back of the store there was a suitcase that looked a lot like Isabella's? I ran towards it and found her drivers license. She's here somewhere! Before I could look for her, a fan spotted me.

"NIALL HORA-" I covered her mouth with my hand and whispered to her that she could have an autograph as long as she didn't panic. She nodded eagerly. I took my hand off her mouth and she screamed in my ear. Other girls recognized me and next thing I know, I'm running out of Starbucks with my only lead on finding Isabella.


Author's Note:

Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

Keep on being awesome!
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