One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


4. Chapter 3: London and College

Chapter 3: London and College

“Please buckle up your seatbelts and prepare for arrival please.” Announced the flight captain. I opened my eyes groggily and stretched out, hitting John in the process.

“Ouch! Watch what you are doing!” John scolded me. I just ignored him and opened my window. I blast of bright, white light hit me. I allowed my eyes to adjust and looked at my view. I saw valleys and valleys of greens hills, after a while, a vast city came into view. London. It was way bigger than my island for sure. I could see what must be the tips of Buckingham Palace. Everything is so big here.

We started to descent as we got closer to the private airport. We had a very smooth landing. When the plane finally stopped and had parked, stairs were brought to the exit of the plane and we each descended the plain. Surprisingly, there was no media whatsoever. Eleanor and I were loaded into a limo while John supervised our luggage and made arrangement for the private jet.

I was still half asleep when the car began to accelerate out of the tiny airport. On the way to the hotel I would be staying at as I attended college, our limo gained many stares from the locals. Eleanor explained that it wasn’t very normal for just anyone to be riding around in a limo. As we neared the hotel I saw a giant building gated off, the sign on the gate read: Cambridge University.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was directed to put on sunglasses and a scarf on as to hide my identity. It was rumored that some of the students at my college were working here, and John did not want them to know where I was staying in case my identity was leaked. The hotel I am staying at is the Hotel Felix. It is only a 10 minute drive to the university from here. This is an expensive hotel, so before we could enter, we all had to dress up a bit (Outfit: Once I was ready, I was helped out of the car by one of the greeters and directed to the front desk. Eleanor followed behind me, as I nervously made my way to the front desk to check in, I had to learn how to do these kind of things by myself if I was going to be an assistant manager.

“Welcome to Hotel Felix. My name is Luke and I will be helping you check in today, I believe?” Luke gave me a smile. I gave him a nervous one back.

“Um… yeah... I mean yes. My reservation is under the name John Cowell.” It was put under John’s name so that I wouldn’t mess up my cover name.

“Ah, yes. You reserved the Penthouse Junior Suite, correct?”

“Yes, that sounds correct.”

“Okay. Your room was rented out for you for a year. It has already been paid for. Breakfast will be brought to you at 7:15 each morning and dinner will be served in your dining room at 7:00 each evening. A full time butler and maid have also been reserved with your suite. Also your luggage will be delivered to your room. How many room cards?” Wow. This isn’t actually that much different than the palace, well other than the size and the fact that I will be attending school.

“Three room keys should be okay.” I replied.

“Here you are madam. And we have been informed that a car will be brought up to the hotels entrance each morning at 9:00 for your convience. There should be a binder in your room with all of the available car choices. The elevators are to your left. We hope you enjoy your stay at Hotel Felix!” And with that, Luke handed me my keys and pointed us towards the elevators. I grabbed Eleanor by the wrist and dragged her excitedly towards the elevator. I've never stayed out of the palace before! We swiped the key in the elevator and started heading for the top floor. When we reached our floor the doors slid open only to reveal a private set of stairs to our suite.

Finally, we made it to our room. I opened the double doors and was welcomed by a living room with an amazing view of Cambridge. To our right was the dining room and to our left the bedrooms. I went left to claim the master bedroom while Eleanor settled down on the couch.

“This is amazing!” I yelled to Eleanor. I took off my heels and began to jump on the bed. I was never allowed to do this at home! Eleanor walked in and smiled at me.

“I would change before I do that if I were you.” She chuckled. I got off the bed and headed towards the walk in closet. All of my stuff had already been unpacked and sorted.

“Eleanor!” I called.


“I need help picking out an outfit.” Eleanor walked into my closet, 5 minutes later she threw a pile of clothes at me and directed me to the bathroom. I quickly got dressed and put on the minimal makeup while Eleanor put my hair up in a high ponytail. (Outfit: John came in just as we were about to leave.

“Exploring the campus I hope?” I nodded. Eleanor and I headed to the nearest Starbucks one we exited the hotel. I ordered a Tazo Chai Cream Frappe and we began walking towards Cambridge University. When we reached the gates, the guard eyed us, as we had come to the main gate instead of walking in the side way. Eleanor walked up to him.

“Hello sir. I was informed that new students were to come to this gate?” She smiled politely.

“Yes. Just head through these gates to the building that says administration and there should be someone to help you there.” Eleanor thanked him and he opened the gates. We headed towards the building.

“Hello. May I help you young ladies?” Smiled the lady in the main office.

“Yes, this is a new student. We were told to ask to talk with the principal?” Eleanor informed her. We were then directed to the principal’s office.

“Ah. I've been waiting for your arrival! Come, come! Take a seat.” The principal gushed to us.

“Does she know?” I whispered to Eleanor real quick.

“Yes, she does.” Eleanor reassured back. She took my hand and squeezed it after seeing how nervous I was.

“Thank you for enrolling here. I am so excited for you to begin learning! You were registered under the name Isabella Williams. You are attending 1 year to learn the ways of an assistant manager of a production company. And you will be staying at the Hotel Felix during that year. Eleanor Calder is to be your ‘assistant’ as you attend this college. Is this all correct?” Explained the principal. Eleanor nodded in approval. I was handed my schedule and a list of necessary materials for each class. I thanked the principal and headed out. When we were outside I decided to ask Eleanor an important question.

“When do I start?” After all, I couldn’t be too soon. Needed to settle in first.

“Well considering how soon Simon needs you, you will actually be starting tomorrow…” My jaw dropped. Tomorrow!? Urgh. There is no way I am surviving college.

*One Year of College Later*

“Isabella Williams!” My name was announced from the podium. I got up and made my way over to receive my diploma. Believe it or not, I actually made it through college and I received top of my class as well. But not without a lot of struggles and a little bit of help.

During my whole year of college, I made no friends at all. I dated Luke actually. And he actually realized I was the one who checked into the hotel that first day. He broke up with me because he thought that if we got closer I would show him the real me, which he thinks would be super stuck up. Well, once he broke up with me, he told everyone that I was some stuck up bitch that would push down everyone to get to the top. Everyone believed it, for I was already at the top of the class and all of my teachers adored me. So basically I only hung out with Eleanor, she didn’t seem to mind and we ended up becoming really close friends.

After graduation I headed back to the hotel, I was checking out today ad heading back to London.

“So, what did you think of college?” Eleanor asked.
“It was okay... I guess.” Eleanor gave me a sad look. She knew how lonely I have felt. It has been a whole year since I was suspended from my island. As promised, I had had no contact with anyone on my island but John. When we reached the front desk, I handed my room key cards to the lady. Luke had been fired because of the infringement on his contract. The lady informed of us our successful check out and we were directed to a limo. John welcomed us inside while our bags were being loaded into the car.

“Congratulations Relia!” He actually seemed proud of me. I smiled and thanked him. The car began to make its journey back to London. This gave me some time to finally think.

I have been gone from my island for a year, yet the last time I checked what was going on over there, they seemed to be doing fine without me. I haven’t heard anything about me gaining my position back. What if my parents forgot about me?

I didn’t have any more time to think as we had reached our destination: Syco. I stepped out of the limo still in my graduation outfit. Eleanor reached for my graduation robe and cap. I handed them to her. Under that was my business outfit. Time for reality to begin. I made my way into the building.


Author’s Note:

I decided to not put an entire year or college in here, mostly because the boys need to show up soon. By the way, they should be in the next chapter! In case you cant wait or the next update, search njchoco on! Here is her graduation outfit:
And her business outfit underneath:
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