One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


3. Chapter 2: Attitude Checks and New Friends


Chapter 2: Attitude Checks and New Friends


In the mirror I did not see me, but a completely other person. I cautiously reached my hand up to the mirror; the person in the mirror did as well. Who am I? I was about to have a panic attack. My chest grew heavy and my vision became fuzzy. Before I could pass out, John came and sat me down in a chair. At last, my vision cleared up and I was able to stand again.


“I’m not me...” I trailed off.


“That was the point, Relia. This is you for now; I'm not sure when you will gain your position back so you will need to get use to this.” Explained John. All I could think was what if my parents never give me back my position? No, they had to. I was the only heir to the throne. Unless…


“You may be wondering what happens when you are gone. Well, your parents have actually found someone that can replace you at the moment, it was absolutely necessary as to not ruin the tradition.” I have a replacement. It was really that easy to replace me? My figure slouched in sadness. No one yelled at me for slouching, this is strange. Oh yeah. I'm on my own now; after all, I am almost 18.

“So when does hell start?” I sighed.


“About that, you better have a serious attitude check before we send you to school, because we cannot and I repeat, can NOT have you kicked out. Okay? And that includes swearing. These people don’t know who you really are so you can’t act like you are above them.” John snapped. He handed me a list of materials I would need for college and a few note cards on the things that are different from being a teenage princess to a regular teenage girl. This is going to be hard. I simply nodded at John and he directed me to my wardrobe designer.


“Hello, I'm your wardrobe designer! My name is Eleanor. I work as a model, but since tons of girls in London love what I wear, they asked me to come down here to help you fit in.” She smiled sweetly at me. I knew I was going to like her.


“Hi, I'm Isabella?” I didn’t know whether to tell her my real name or not.


“Oh, don’t worry I know about the plan, but I will be calling you Isabella in public.” Wait…what? I gave Eleanor a confused look.


“Oh! Right! You don’t know much about who you are working for! Ok, so you are working for a British/Irish boy band, and I'm one of the member’s girlfriends. So we are basically going to be best friends, or if you don’t want to be… but you are suppose to confide in me if there is any trouble at all.” That makes more sense. And a boy band!? I'm done with boys! They are what got me into this mess!


“Okay Eleanor. And of course I’ll be your friend! So what exactly am I going to where?” I hope her style isn’t too weird, because what she is wearing right now isn’t exactly my taste. If you can even call a lab coat taste.


“Well, you are definitely not wearing a lab coat if that’s what you thought. Mostly it’s going to be girly I guess. But you will be attending a lot of parties with the boys, so I guess kind of a mix of a lot of stuff.”(A/N: I’m going to try to post her outfit in every chapter by the way!) I quickly take a peek at my iPhone while she gets lost in thought. I go on Google and search ‘One Direction Eleanor Clothes’ up pops a bunch of very cute outfits that Eleanor wears. This, so far, is the only good thing that has come out of my transformation.


John chooses this moment to explain to us some more things. It turns out that we are taking a short cruise to a neighboring island and from there we are taking a private jet to London. He explained that it is to make sure no one sees us leaving. John ushers us to a door and we are suddenly on a beach. There is a speed boat on a small dock awaiting us. John quickly gathers us on the boat and we meet the crew. Most of the crew is young, they are all interns for the RPPA and by taking care of our departure to London, they will become employees. To keep the secret of course.

The boat begins to move after about 50 suitcases are brought on board. The ride is short and we are at a small island in half an hour. Waiting for us is a personal jet. Eleanor and I step inside and we wait for all of the luggage to be loaded onto the plane. When we are finally ready for takeoff I freeze. I've never been on a plane before.




“What now!?” John snapped. Someone must be grumpy…


“I've never exactly flown before and…well… could you hold my hand?” I give him my puppy dog face. He rolls his eyes at me.


“You’ve got to be kidding me! But sure I guess.” He takes my hand in his and the flight attendants explain to us the safety procedures. The takeoff wasn’t too bad. Once we were in the air I pulled out my new Mac I had just gotten recently as a going away present from my favorite teacher. I set it up, but john forced me to set it up for it to look like I have been living in London all my life. He even photo shopped a picture of Eleanor and I standing in front of the London eye to put as my screensaver. I put in my head phones and doze off to a one direction song. After all, I need to start studying about them soon enough if I'm going to be working for them. It can’t be too bad, it’s not like they are 5 year olds or anything. Only 4 more hours till my new life begins.




Author’s Note:

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