One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


11. Chapter 10: Why Can't I Follow the Rules?

Chapter 10: Why Can't I Follow the Rules?


Isabella's POV:


I ran up the stairs, stopping short bumping into a half awake Harry.


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I gasped as Harry stumbled a little. He grumbled an okay and continued down the stairs. Strange boy...


I went to my room and picked out an outfit. I brought it to the bathroom and undressed to take a shower to clear my thoughts. I stepped into the steaming hot water, gasping a little at the heat. I soon settled in, though, and sighed in content.


I am letting another boy into my heart. Didn't I use to be the girl that thought boys were stupid? What happened to her? I shook my head and lathered my hair with some shampoo and conditioner. Besides, no matter who I date, if they aren't a prince, I can never be with them. That is if my parents even remember me. A tear slipped down my face but I quickly brushed it away in anger. What do I care? I stopped the water because my fingers were pruned and I had finished washing myself.


I stepped out and grabbed a towel. Drying myself, I put on my clothes. I need to stop thinking about my home. If I keep doing this I will never be able to bear it if I can't go back. I dried my hair and decided to keep it down for our date. I swiped on some eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick before looking at myself in the mirror. I spun around once just for the fun of it. I grabbed my wristlet off of the nightstand and made my way downstairs.


Harry's POV:


Bumping into Isabella was a surprise, but the bigger surprise was seeing Niall. His face was lit up like a kid's on Christmas Day.


"Excited there Nialler?" I asked getting a banana out of the fridge. He looked up in surprise at me.


"Oh, yeah. Sorry, I didn't notice you woke up." He said before heading towards the stairs.


"So ....What has you so excited?" I asked, catching him before he could get up the stairs.


"Oh, nothing!" He chimed going up the stairs and to his room. Well, that wasn't strange at all. Note the sarcasm. I decided to text Isabella.


To: Isabella


How are you feeling?


From: Isabella


A lot better, thanks.


To: Isabella


So...What are you up to tonight?


From: Isabella


Oh, Niall didn't tell you?


To: Isabella


Tell me what?


From: Isabella


We are going on a date, me and him...


I stopped texting her. My fingers twitched with anger. Am I seriously the only one who hasn't made a good move yet?


To: Nialler


You bastard!


From: Nialler


Sorry dude. I have to go get ready; I'll text you later, yeah?


To: Nialler




I knew I was being a bit harsh but I was mad. I shook my head. When I looked up, Isabella came down the staircase looking stunning.


"Hey Harry, you ok?" She asked timidly. I put a smile on my face and looked up at her.


"Yeah, just fine. You look stunning by the way." She blushed and looked down at the ground. Before she could say anything, Niall came down behind her. He whispered something in her ear which made her blush even more.


"Well, we better get going. Bye Harry." Niall said before walking to the door with Isabella. While she was putting a pair of heels on, Niall turned towards me with a smirk. I rolled my eyes, but inside I was mad. That twat.


Isabella's POV:


I put on a pair of nude heels before taking Niall's arm and being led out the door. He led me to a black Range Rover. He opened the passenger door and let me in. Closing the door behind me, he walked to the driver’s seat. He pulled out of the driveway. I put my hand down in the middle of us. He reached over and wrapped my hand with his. He looked over at me with a smile and squeezed my hand a little.


"You excited?" He asked. I nodded my head and gave him a squeeze back. He pulled into the Nando's parking lot and helped me out of the car. We stepped into Nando's, before we could be seated, I heard a scream. A chorus of screams followed.


"Not again." I heard Niall mutter looking down. He looked up with the biggest smile he could muster. He hugged each of the girls and signed a few autographs. Niall growled when a large van pulled up outside the restaurant.


"Shit." He whispered as the doors opened. "Go to the bathroom Isabella. Hurry." He rushed. I ran to the bathroom, hiding in a stall.


From: Nialler


I'm so sorry. Paul will come to pick you up; I have to deal with the paparazzi.


I sighed and typed a response.


To: Nialler


It's fine, I understand.


I have to admit, I was thoroughly disappointed.   But I know that I'm not technically supposed to be dating any of the boys or else I'd get too much publicity, and possibly be caught by someone from my country.


Wait. Be caught by someone from my country? Hmm, that doesn't sound half bad. I decided it was time that I went to my old rebel self. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the crowd of people. I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted.


“Hey! Attention everyone! I need you all to backup and give Mr. Horan here a little bit of space. Thank you.” With my sudden outburst some people looked at me strangely. Then started to laugh.


“Why the hell should we listen to you?” Chuckled a big man, who I am guessing was part of the paparazzi.


“I’m One Direction’s new assistant manager and I will not hesitate to call the police, so get out.” I waved my hand at them and some of them just scoffed at me. The others began to move their equipment outside.


Meanwhile, Niall just stood in the corner with an amused grin on his face. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear.


“Nice, I don’t think any of my other managers have ever done that” He laughed. Before he could say anything else, Paul’s car pulled up. He raised an eyebrow at Niall when he saw the paparazzi leaving.


“Well, this is new. I thought I’d have to fend them off again. Good job Niall! Finally standing up for yourself!” Paul praised Niall, but Niall just shook his head and gestured towards me.


“Wow, good job Isabella. Didn’t think you had it in you.” Paul winked at me knowing that I knew how to deal with paparazzi. After all, I have been dealing with them since I was born, but Niall doesn’t know that.


“So are you two ready to go? Or did you want to finish your date…?” Niall blushed and took the second offer from Paul.


Niall took my hand and leaded me back towards the table after telling Paul to stay by the door and make sure no more paparazzi try to sneak in. The waitress came to take our orders a few seconds later.


“Hello and welcome to Nando’s! My name is Chelsea and I’ll be your server today! What can I get you to drink?” She asked, directing her attention towards Niall and obviously trying to show some of her cleavage off. I snorted a little because Niall was looking at the menu in frustration.


“Hmm, can we order now actually? My order might take a while to prepare.” Niall asked, finally looking at the waiter. His fingers tapped impatiently against the table as she gave him a surprised look.


“Um, yeah, I think we can do that. What’d you like?” She searched for a pen to write down our order.


“We will just take one of everything please. Do you want anything more Isabella?” He looked at me for an answer.

“Um, just a coke and a salad please.” I smiled up at the waitress’s shocked face. She quickly composed herself.


“Okay, that will be out as soon as possible.” She gathered herself and walked away, swinging her hips side to side as she made her way back to the kitchen. I giggled and Niall gave me a confused look.


“What’s so funny?” He asked.


“She was practically throwing herself at you, Niall! Gosh, you’re so naïve!” I giggled again and he just shook his head.


“That’s because I’m here to be with you, not meet other people. So, I only have eyes for you right now.” I blushed and looked down at my lap. He reached across the table and forced my face up to look at him.


“You have the most adorable smile.” I flushed even redder, if that was even possible. But inside, I was panicking. The rules were very strict. No dating. Period. I excused myself to the bathroom. The second I got to the bathroom, I pulled my phone out to text Eleanor.


To: Eleanor


I’m kind of on a date with Niall right now…


From: Eleanor


What!? I thought you decided not to date any of the boys anymore!?


To: Eleanor


I did, but he asked me out and I couldn't say no…


From: Eleanor


Well, do you like him?

Way to be abrupt Eleanor. I rolled my eyes and texted her back.


To: Eleanor


I don’t really know… I mean he’s nice and cute… but, I’m not really good at relationships


From: Eleanor


Bullshit! Just give it a try, for me, pleaseeeeeeee


To: Eleanor


Fine girlie! I have to go, I used the bathroom card to text you, bye!


I put my phone back in my purse and fixed my hair in the mirror before returning to Niall. He was on his phone but looked at me the second he heard me approaching. I sat down just as I saw the food approaching. There were about 5 waiters carrying 2 trays of food each. Each waiter set down the plates they carried then walked away. The last waiter handed me my coke and salad and walked away.


I looked at the mountain sized pile of food in front of Niall and laughed. His face was lit up like a Christmas tree.


“How are you gonna finish all of that?” I chuckled and he just rolled his eyes.


“Trust me, I will.” He said with a determined edge to his voice.


An hour later, I had finished about half of my salad. In front of Niall stood dozens of empty plates. Niall took the last chip and placed it in his mouth. He licked his fingers mockingly and wiped his hands off on his napkin.


When Niall finished, our waitress came by with the check. I asked her politely for a box and she nodded back before heading to the kitchen. Once I had my box, Niall took the check and began to pull his wallet out.


“Wait a sec! I’m not letting you pay for me! I can pay for myself.” He laughed and pulled out his credit card anyways. I snapped the card out of his hand and he snapped it back.


“Hey! I have to be the one to pay for our date! Especially the first one!” I blushed when he said date, because honestly, I didn’t think he thought it was one. That gave him a chance to hand his card to the waitress. She returned it a minute later and Niall grabbed my hand to leave. I hesitated at first, not knowing how to react. None of my previous dates had ever tried to hold my hand. They always would just head for the door, expecting me to follow. I squeezed Niall’s hand back in reassurance.


We headed towards the door and to his car. He nodded towards Paul, motioning that he could leave. We headed back to the boys’ flat, my hand still in his the whole way.


Once I got back to my room, I crashed on my bed and smiled up at the ceiling. That was, well, great.


I got ready for bed, but not before looking at twitter for some ‘news’.


Well, that was fast. I thought as I looked at the top news story on twitter. I read the headline: Getting friendly with the boss? Niall Horan of One Direction spotted at restaurant with new assistant manager. But it sure doesn’t look like any boring meeting.


Attached was a picture of Niall and me holding hands as we left Nando’s. Shit, I thought to myself. Simon is gonna kill me! Ugh, I’ll deal with it tomorrow. I fell asleep, thoughts of my date with Niall still in my head.


Mystery POV:


I found her.




Author’s Note:


Uh oh! Who could that be? Well, hehe, being my evil self, you will have to wait to find out!


Ooooo look! I updated! Yay! Andddddd it’s my first birthday on wattpad! *throws confetti*


Anywhore, oh my, excuse my language; I’m planning on updating more! I swear! It isn’t a lie this time!


I’m going on vacation twice in August so I should have plenty of time to write while I’m traveling! Plus, all I do is sit around all summer (just kidding but it’s 50% true).




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