One Direction's Secret Princess

What if one day you were a princess, and the next day you have been stripped of your identity and sent to college to become an assistant manager? Next thing you know, you are pretty much babysitting one direction!? And what if a certain someone falls in love with you, or a certain 3? But what they didn't know, is who you really are.


2. Chapter 1: New Beginnings and Identities

Chapter 1: New Beginnings and Identities

I woke up in a bright, white room. Wait… where am I!? This is definitely not the castle! What if I was kidnap-

“Oh, I've seen you have finally woken up Relia.” Relia? What am I? Not royal anymore? And then it came crashing down on me. I'm no longer a princess. So what am I doing here then? I should be out on the streets or something.

“W-w-where?” That’s all I could get out. My throat was so dry. How long could I have possibly been out for? The lady gave me a sad look.

“Sweetie, you are in the RPPA makeover building, this is the infirmary. You passed out at some… news. And well, you’ve been in a coma since. It has been around a week.” And no one cares, I thought to myself. The nurse handed me a glass of water, I downed the whole thing and attempted to speak.

“What do I do now?” Fear started to take over my body as thoughts of horrible possibilities ran through my mind. I mean they couldn’t just leave me out in the world alone, could they? People would recognize me! Yeah, our kingdom is on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean that not that many people know about, but for all I know I could be mobbed!

“Ummm, well, I believe that someone is coming to visit you soon to explain the procedure. But, from what I have heard, you will be sent to college or you will be given a job.” College? I don’t even think those exist on our island, after all, all you need to get a job here is be a high school graduate. And me? Get a job? Yeah right! I've never had to lift a finger a day in my life! I have people for that, well I don’t anymore… Just then the man from before came in. He was to tell me what was to come I guess. The breaker of bad news.

“I believe we have met before. I never got to introduce myself properly before. I am John Cowell. You have probably heard of my half-brother, Simon, he is a famous television producer and owner of the music-publishing house, Syco.” Like I know who he is (hint the sarcasm)! I live on one of the smallest islands there is! I rolled my eyes and John just ignored me and continued on.

“Well, anyways, he actually decided to give you a job so appreciate it! But first you will go through some identity changes, then you will be attending college for a short time to learn how to do your job, and then finally you will be working for Simon. But we will go step by step. Shall we?” He extended his hand and I took it. We walked out of the infirmary and into one of the most high-tech rooms I have ever seen. There were computers and holograms everywhere. And every single piece of technology you could ever think of, well they had it somewhere in here. John started to explain the procedures as he sat me down in what seemed to be a barber’s chair.

“You will need to have a completely different look; otherwise people will recognize you, and this we do not want. Currently you have curly, black hair. Well not anymore. The hairdresser will dye your hair a light brown and your hair will be a nice wave instead. Also, you will need to wear some blue colored contacts to cover up your hazel eyes. By the way, your name is no longer Princess Relia de Rosemarie Kensington, but Isabella Williams. You are 17 years of age, your parents died in a car crash when you were little so you do not remember them and Uncle Simon has been raising you since. You are from America, so your accent is differen-“

“What do you mean my accent is different!? I'm staying in this country, right!?” I panicked; I have never ever been away from my home.

“Well, no. You are being moved to London, England. This is where your job requires you to stay, but your job may involve a lot of traveling. As of right now, your job is confidential, so I cannot tell you where you are going to be traveling. But I can tell you that you are not traveling to this country.” I am never coming back home. A tear slipped from the corner of my eye. How could this get any worse?

“Finally, you cannot contact anyone from this country except for me.” Well, that’s how it can get worse. I gave a weak chuckle.

“Well this is great. Just get it over then I guess.” I sighed. My life is over because of one tiny mistake, well a big one. I ruined my reputation big time, and now I can no longer have the life that I use to have. If I could only have this life, for one more day, if we could only turn back time (A/N see what I did there!) I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. But it has happened and I can’t go back.

*An hour later*

“Done!” Exclaimed by makeup artist proudly. I rolled my eyes at his exclamation.

“If you keep on rolling your eyes they will fall out.” John sighed and walked over to me. He guided me over to a 360 mirror. Oh. My. God.


Author’s Note:

I actually have 8 chapters already written and they are on my wattpad account. I'm glad I'm getting reads and comments on here! Thank you!

Keep on being awesome!

Nina :) xx
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