The guys next door

A girl name Sophie,Sophie moves to London with her best friends, their names are Isabel but we call her Izzy, Charlie,and Crystal. They always wanted to move there. Who will they meet while their there. read to find out.


1. Into

Hi, My name is Sophie, I'm 18, and My friend Charlie we have been best friends since the 6th grade and been friends ever since we had our ups and downs but were still bff/sisters forever. Izzy is my friend i knew her since the 8th grade she lives in Ohio and she turned 18 so she came to meet me. Crystal is Charlie's step sister, i met her at her younger sisters funeral, they don't like to talk about.

Sophie's P.O.V

It was beautiful here and cold, we not use to winter like this. We were in London, We got our bags and got a cab and He drop us off at our house we got our bags and we were to lazy to go upstairs so we crashed on the floor. I woke up to music in the middle of the night it was 3:00 in the morning, Charlie was already awake and put on her coat and i whisper,"Charlie where you going?" she said,"im going over there to tell them to keep it down." she walked out the door, i put on my coat and ran out the door and tackle her, she screamed,"get off me" i said,"no" she pushed me off of her and she ran across the street. she knocked on the door. A boy came to the door you wont believe who it is. it was... our old best friend Andy he stop being our friend in the 8th grade. i stayed in the front lawn and hide i didn't want him to see where we lived. they were talking but i couldn't hear what they were saying.

Charlie's P.O.V

After I pushed Sophie off of me, I ran across the street and knocked on the door I looked at Sophie she was getting up I heard the door open and I saw her eyes widened and jump behind a bush I turn around and as it was our old best friend Andy... I just stood there the last time I talked to him was the day of my sisters funeral, I was trying so hard not to cry, he said," Charlie is that you?" I nodded he hug me, he said," how are you?" I push him off of me and I just starred at him with a blank look, I told him," keep it down" and I walked away, Sophie asked," what happen" I ignored her and ran upstairs to my room.

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