Love In London

Two friends move to London in hope of starting a new life. They stumble across two unlikely figures who change their lives forever!


4. Starbucks

Ella's POV:

We both go back to the counter I told Becky to be calm and it's vital she doesn't have an asthma attack again, one time we met a really cute model from Hollister and he invited us out for drinks and being Becky she started to have an asthma attack. Believe it or not that was her first boyfriend he said when she was bright purple and breathing so heavily and he said it was cute! Yeah in some boys eyes looking like a turnip is a turn on! *Hmph* as we walk over to the counter suddenly he the boy drags me to the side and whispers into my ear

"In a minute laugh and act like I said something funny, I know you know who I am, but I just wanted a day, the store owners know but they said they will keep things hush if I give them a signed autograph" I foolishly giggle.

"I guess that's one of the perks of being a worldwide superstar and guessing by the crowd in this place I'm thinking I'm not the only one who knows" I don't know why I did this but I softly grabbed Nialls fake moustache and tweak it so its just right "it would help if your moustache was on right" I grin and blush stupidly but we stand there and stare into each others eyes until.......

Nialls POV:

She's beautiful her curly brown hair the way it sits perfectly on her shoulder, her glimmering big green eyes and her sweet, funny northern accent!

Suddenly were interrupted by a sudden cough we both simultaneously turn round to see a small cute little girl, with her hair parted in plaits please can I have an autograph, she holds a notepad and pen out and suddenly the room turns silent, all eyes are on me they are like vultures. As soon as I take the pen a swarm of screaming girls come around me, the girl is gone I didn't even get her name or number! After the horde of fans disappear I notice a piece of paper in my pocket, Ella and a phone number, is this the gorgeous girl who I was talking to before there's only one way to find out and I pull out my I phone!

Ella's POV:

Seeing those girls shred into Niall scared me a bit. Luckily Becky pulled me out in time, after she had to bite her way through the crowd, we quickly put a tenner on the side and rush out the shop and get in the car I hope he got my number!

"Cheer up" says Becky "Were in London our dream since we were little, come on were eighteen and have our life to enjoy ourselves!"

"Becky you don't understand who I just talked to, Niall Horan!" I stress this really bad, I am literally fangirling inside and you know, on the outside as well.

"Well you didn't give him any contact information"

"Bex I gave him my number do you think he will call back?"

"Knowing you with your cuteness and awkwardness he's bound to call back" that's the one thing I love about Becky she always knows what to say and when to!
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